Talent show judges set to see students perform

Auditions to be held Feb. 11

February 10, 2020


Look at this! Talent show will be held on Feb. 21 and anyone can watch. The talent show is judged by Shane Cowher, Jen Lowe, James Lowe, Carolyn Kline and Joe Murgo.

On Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. a talent show will be hosted for students to display a talent of their choice in front of their peers. The students will be judged by members of the staff and a special guest.

The judges consist of Shane Cowher, Jen Lowe, James Lowe, Carolyn Kline and special guest Joe Murgo. Judge Shane Cowher says he’s looking to be wowed.

“I am going to be looking at stage presence. I want to see someone who can capture our attention,” Cowher said.

Each judge will be judging different aspects of each student’s performance.

“Many of the students are talented, so I’m looking for something unique that sets them away from all the other students in the talent show,” judge James Lowe said.

Any school appropriate talent is welcomed to be presented at the talent show.

Judge Carolyn Kline says she is looking forward to seeing a good mix of talents.

“I want to see dancers, singers, comedians and I’d love to see bands,” Kline said.

Kline has also judged previous talent shows. She loves seeing the talent in students that she doesn’t always get to see and thinks everyone should come out and support them.

Judges will give their honest opinions on each student and give their conclusion at the end of the talent show. The winner will be determined by whoever has the highest score.

“I’m the nice judge. I don’t give anyone a real low score because I think it takes a lot of courage to get up there in front of your peers anyway,” Kline said.

Auditions will be held on Feb. 11 for students who want to perform in the talent show. Judges will not be attending the auditions.

Judge James Lowe’s advice for auditionees is to ride on the talent that they already have and feel confident with it.

“I always like to think of people for their strengths and opportunity as opposed to just weaknesses, so I’ll be looking for ways for them to improve as opposed to pointing out flaws,” judge Jen Lowe said. 

Jen Lowe believes students need to have fun because people are wanting to see, not just their talent, but be entertained knowing that they are having fun.

“Let it all hang out, go for it, make it happen,” Cowher said.

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  1. Stephen Oswalt on February 17th, 2020 7:51 am

    Outstanding article, Kamika! Your talents are being utilized @ AAHS, and I’m very proud of you!

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