Scholastic scrimmage team organizes


Jocelyn Fetter

Way to go! Scholastic Scrimmage team’s second place award from last year is displayed in the awards cabinet located in the B building. Most of the trophies in the display case belong to the Scholastic Scrimmage team.

Jocelyn Fetter, Reporter

The Scholastic Scrimmage team is a club of academic entrepreneurs who compete against other schools in trivia competitions.

“We meet every Tuesday after school until about 3:30 in room B308,  and we just practice trivia facts back and forth to see who will compete in our competitions,” club advier Jennifer Lowe said.  

In the B building where the offices are located, there’s a trophy case which contains most Scholastic Scrimmage trophies. The team competes throughout the entire year, and succeeds very often.