Letter to the Editor: The school should allow water bottles

Alexis Fraundorfer, Contributor

Dear Editor:

Policies and Rules limit the number of people who are allowed to have water bottles during class. This rule affects many students during the day because they lack hydration. I know water fountains are accessible to students, but in between class periods muzzling your way through a crowded hallway for a drink is too difficult. Even if you get to class early, getting a sip of water before the bell rings is still not enough water. Trying to get a drink in class because of dehydration is challenging to obtain because we are only given 3 hall passes a day.

Studies conducted in Virginia’s schools concluded that dehydration affects learning because it is restricting the ability for your brain to transmit and receive information. A water bottle in the classroom would help increase the attentiveness of students during class and some students’ learning abilities. 

According to a study at Harvard, more than half of children and teens are dehydrated in schools. Over 25% of children do not drink water daily. To prevent and cut down the amount of dehydrated children and teens, we should make better access to water such as allowing water bottles in school. I know some students can not bring in a water bottle and that is okay because with water bottles more students will not have to stop at the water fountain on their way to class making the water fountain more accessible.

Water bottles cause controversy amongst the school board because of the issue of students bringing in drinks such as alcohol, soda, juice, and the list goes on. If a student is suspected of alcohol or clear liquids posing to be water, it can be smelled by a teacher. Also bring clear or see through bottles to school. 

I struggle with the issue of dehydration in school. I feel dizzy and lightheaded during the day. I know I need water but I am too afraid to ask. Also for me it calms my nerves. Before tests I try to drink some water. When in school I drank less than a cup of water a day. It is difficult to get proper hydration when you have 6-7 hours of school with barely any break time. I did not drink as much water during the school day because I did not want to constantly pee and leave class, but hydration is more important than bathroom breaks. Dehydration also caused my lips to be chapped all the time. Nothing would fix it. I found out later after being stuck at the doctor’s office multiple times for passing out, constant lightheadedness, dizziness, I was just dehydrated. My problems suddenly vanished after taking the precaution of drinking enough water. I learned that the school hours are when I need water the most because it is the heart of my day.

I was recently asked what the product or outcome of water bottles in school would be. It would allow students to focus more in class. Water bottles allow more opportunities for students to stay hydrated during the day. With water bottles students will not have to waste class time to get a drink as much as they used to. This will allow some students similar to myself not feel as groggy, lightheaded, or dizzy throughout the day because of dehydration. Water is a resource we as humans can not live without, why not make it easier for students to access it?