Caleigh Rudy talks about her cheerleading experience


Trey Boore

Go Mt. Lions! Caleigh Rudy cheers on the football team. Rudy and the rest of the squad wore pink to show support for breast cancer.

Trey Boore, Guest Writer

Seventeen-year-old Cheerleader Caleigh Rudy first started cheer when she was in second grade. Now a junior in high school, she has nine years of experience with cheer that she’s able to show off. 

There are a lot of different jobs and responsibilities when it comes to being a cheerleader between pep rallies for the school, competitions, as well as cheering and stunting on the sideline. In stunt groups, there are four people: the flyer, two bases and a back, which is Rudy’s job. 

“That means I take most of the control in stunting. I always have to catch my flyer, no matter what,” Rudy said.

Rudy has been cheering for more than half her life. Although currently in her junior year, senior year will mark her tenth year and mean she has cheered her entire high school career.   Countless hours of practice with injury risks 24/7. She must memorize new routines and dances. 

 “Once I start something I need to finish it. I fell in love with the sport, and it keeps me active, motivated and allows me to interact with the school,” Rudy said. 

Next year will be Rudy’s last at the AAHS. 

“I wish to continue cheerleading through college, I hope to make the team at whatever college I attend,” Rudy said.

Rudy is a very passionate and determined cheerleader. It looks she will not be stopping anytime soon and will continue to work to become even more skilled over her next following years.