Amy Dean

Another dog I have is an English Bulldog named Oliver. There wasn’t a meaning behind his name, but he is still a unique dog. He likes being with people if he knows them or not. He is two-years-old, we got him because we wanted a dog for Mr. Magoo to play with. One fun fact about Oliver is that he likes to play with my chickens and chase them around.

I Simply Love: Dogs

Animals are a big part of my life, and I’ve created many memories with different types of animals. Dogs are a part of my daily life because of that I’m close with them. I’ve had different types of dogs that lived with me through the past few years.

My dogs are something that I value and love in my everyday life. I may not be there with them 24/7, but we have a connection like no other. There is one dog that I’m close with and that’s Daisy. She and I have been through a multiple adventures already, and they’ve been fun. I can’t wait for more journeys with her and my other dogs.

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