Jocelyn Fetter
¡Hola! Me llamo Jocelyn! I have written for the newspaper for two years now. One year in Freshman year and now in Sophomore year. I like to be a creative writer and allow my content to please audiences of all ages. I spend my free time watching Grey's Anatomy and looking at pictures of dogs. I really enjoy drawing as well; you'll always catch me doodling. I try to make everything as enjoyable as possible and do my best to be as optimistic as possible. My favorite flower just happens to be a sunflower because they seem to appear the happiest with their bright yellow color. I'm a Vans connoisseur; they're the only shoes I wear other than Nike slides in the summer. I own about 14 pairs at this point, and my collection is always growing. I love to have a creative and open mindset when it comes to things and therefore I fell in love with the thoughts of conspiracy theories. I love thinking about things outside of the box and questioning things society frowns upon. One of the most recent I've delved into is the Flat Earth theory. Talking about it to people really creates an interest point in their mind because they think you're unintelligent for thinking how people thought in 1492 when Columbus proved the world was "round." If you believe what everyone tells you, you'll never get to have an opinion of your own, and that's what makes me different from other writers.

Jocelyn Fetter, Reporter

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