Anonymous notes spread positivity in girls’ bathroom

Amy Dean

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Sydney Wilfong

“You might be having a bad day, but I promise tomorrow will be better. You just have to make it through today, I love you”

Recently, students have been walking in and out of the bathrooms during the day, sometimes with a smile on their faces. These smiles could be due to the positivity spread by an unknown student or teacher. Throughout several girls’ bathrooms located in the school, an anonymous writer has left random index cards, filled with positive and kind messages. 

“The notes are very uplifting because if you had a bad day it would be something that gets you through the day. I’m going to start telling people that there are positive notes in the bathroom and spread the word,” senior Skyanne Otto said. “I think that a student makes these because it seems like something a student would do. People should start lifting each other up throughout the day to spread a positive message. I feel that students and teachers should do these more often.” 

Freshman Emilee Alleman feels that the notes are very uplifting and important to those who are going through a specific situation or are being bullied. 

“I feel like the notes would benefit some of the girls in a few ways. The person that made the nice notes should create more notes and expand the quotes around the bathroom. I also feel that a teacher wrote these notes to uplift other girls. I never really hear people talking about it, but I feel it should be talked about,” Alleman said.

Everyone is trying to figure out the mystery writer.

“I think that it’s a really positive thing for that person to do; I think that a student did it. You should compliment others when you get the chance to. It will make others feel good about themselves,” freshman Carley Kemper said.

Sophomore Leeanna Hufford feels that these notes that are being made will help others think of themselves in a positive way.

“I feel like these notes will help a lot of students who aren’t feeling confident in themselves. I think that there are kids that do these notes are a part of a club. People should compliment others through the day and help others if they’re going through something,” Hufford said.

Many students also feel stressed after a long day in school and it makes them happy and feel relieved to see the notes.

“When I went into the bathroom and saw the notes it put a smile on my face. I was stressed that day and felt down for the most part. I feel that a student would be doing it since I feel that the teachers wouldn’t really do these. Kids and teachers should start doing more of these things. I feel that it would make my day so much better if I was already upset,” senior Alyssa Page.