Watchey participates in multiple extracurriculars 

Kayla Lord, Guest Writer

Senior Deborah Watchey is a part of the yearbook staff, chorus, games club and computer club. She has been in these clubs for several years and likes the fun activities within the clubs. Watchey was fully virtual all of last year but returned tol full time this year.. She has jumped into the school year with a positive attitude and mindset.

“It’s always been an interest to me and this is my second year of being in the yearbook staff, and I thought when I saw the courses yearbook seemed like an interesting class,” Watchey said.

Watchey has been on the yearbook for two years and enjoys designing and working on the computer to make pages for the yearbook. Right now, Watchey is working on the administration pages. All of the yearbook staff loves her. 

“Debbie is such an awesome person. She tries her best on everything she does in yearbook. She always finds time to come to any fun after school activities for yearbook. She is always involved, and I’m glad she is on our staff,” editor in chief Madison Zimmerer said. 

She not only loves being on the yearbook staff, but she is also a part of the games and computer club.

“I am going to be the president of the club this year,”  Watchey said. 

 While being in the games and computer club, Watchey meets with multiple other students to play different kinds of games. The teachers running the clubs are Jesse Frailey and Daniel Harbor. The club meets every other Friday and Watchey almost never misses a meeting. 

“In games club, you just play fun games like board games and computer games, any kind, it’s just really fun,” Watchey said 

Watchey encourages other students to try and join in the games and computer club to try and gather more students eager to participate and meet new friends. 

Despite being in many different clubs, Watchey manages her time wisely and never struggles with balancing school and all her different clubs she is involved in. Over summer, Watchey is looking to start a summer job at Delgrossos, but in the long run she is looking to be a librarian assistant, a secretary or a substitute teacher.