Klock writes her way through high school

Stayley Drenning, Guest Writer

Although this isn’t junior Cassidy Klock’s first year on the Mountain Echo staff, it’s her first year as associate editor. As associate editor, she edits everyone’s stories and is there to answer any questions someone might have about the newspaper.

Klock has been interested in writing since a very young age, and it has always been something she’s focussed on. 

“I would write anything I wanted when I was little. I’ve kept a diary since I was seven years old, and I have a total of 27 that are finished,” Klock said. 

Klock was on the Livewire staff at the junior high but was hesitant about joining the staff at the high school. 

“I was like ‘it’s going to be so much work’ and things like that, and I didn’t want to do that. But I decided to do it. My mom [also] made me do it, and then here I am now. It’s my favorite class of the day,” Klock said. 

Klock enjoys being the associate editor and thinks it’s a lot of fun.

“I love being able to help and guide people through their stories,” Klock said. “ Destiny and I are trying to incorporate different things that try to motivate the other writers to expand on their writing ability,” Klock said. 

Klock has written a total of 24 stories for the Mountain Echo. 

“A good story is one that is creative, one that you have to dig to find,” Klock said. “So my favorite story that I wrote was actually the one I just published, and it’s the homework affecting students’ sleep schedule story… I thought it would be really interesting to dig deeper into that, send out a survey, and get people’s opinion on it,” Klock said. 

Klock plans on remaining on the newspaper staff next year. 

“I’m most likely going to be the editor in chief, so I’ll take over Destiny’s position, and I just really enjoy being in the class and being on a publication staff. I also enjoy giving a backbone to student information, and being the place where everybody goes to get their information,” Klock said. 

Klock’s job on the staff is something that she enjoys doing, and according to Klock, is something she is very passionate about. While being on the staff, Klock is able to continue pursuing her passion of writing.