The MARVELous Universe

Destiny Montgomery, Editor in Chief

I have many obsessions: sweet tea, books, “Dance Moms” and most importantly: the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As of now, there are 27 movies and five Disney+ series. Not all of the movies were released in the timeline order, so Disney+ has a feature where fans can watch the movies in the specific order. The ninth movie in the timeline order: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” was released on April 4, 2014. Spoiler alerts ahead:

The movie starts off with a very iconic scene of Steve quickly running past a man while saying “on your left” every time he does so. This man’s name is Sam Wilson, a retired soldier, played by Anthony Mackie. Obviously, they become friends right away. 

Steve and Natasha Romanoff go on a mission with SHIELD agents, one of them being a man who they call Rumlow. Steve saves a bunch of people from a ship. While he is doing this, Romanoff is extracting files from the ship, Steve unknowingly flips when he realizes that Nick Fury gave her a different Mission. 

After confronting Fury, he takes Steve down a long elevator at SHIELD headquarters to show him three Helicarriers (huge ships that are equipped with a lot of weapons and can stay in the air) that are being worked on as a part of Project Insight. Steve being Steve doesn’t agree that it is a good form of protection. 

Fury tries to break into the files that Romanoff brought back, but he can’t access them because apparently he put a security block on them? Ok. 

Here comes an awesome scene. Fury is driving, but when he comes to an intersection, a police car pulls beside him and looks at him kind of awkwardly. Just as he pulls into the intersecion, another police car t-bones his car. More cars start slamming into him and all of a sudden, a full SWAT team appears and they all start shooting at him. Trust me I was mad confused too. Luckily, Fury’s car is equipped with bulletproof glass and his car basically talks to him, telling him how the structure is holding up. As soon as the window hits 1 percent, he grabs a hidden gun in his center console and starts shooting at the people shooting at him. I don’t think they were expecting it. He finally manages to get his car to start driving away, because yes, cars can do that in the MCU. When he finally manages to get away from the police cars, he tells his car to take him to a safe location. All of a sudden, Fury sees a figure in the middle of the road. He shoots something under Fury’s car that explodes and flips over. When the figure goes over to the car, he realizes that Fury escaped using a laser weapon through the street.

Steve returns to his apartment to hear music playing, and decides to go through the window and grabs his shield for his protection. He then discovers Fury, talking nonsense while writing messages on his phone saying that SHIELD has been compromised and not to trust anyone. Just then, Shots are fired into his apartment taking out Fury. Steve’s neighbor that he has been flirting with turns out to be a SHIELD agent, Sharon Carter, and she was assigned to keep an eye on Steve. Yes it has been heart right folks, Steve is flirting with the love of his life’s niece. Steve then runs after the guy who made the shots, the same figure who went after Fury the first time, but can’t catch him. 

Steve goes to SHIELD to talk with the secretary and when he is leaving, he gets on the elevator, which soon becomes full with SHIELD agents, including Rumlow, ew. Steve notices that they are all looking nervous and a fight breaks out, literally in the elevator. Steve wins but realizes he needs to get out, so he shatters the elevator glass and escapes.

Steve goes back to the hospital where he left the flashdrive that Fury gave him, when he suddenly can’t find it and Nat shows up. She tells Steve about the mysterious assassin who is known as the Winter Soldier (soooo attractive by the way) and how he is responsible for over 200 assassinations over the past 50 years. They go to a mall, disguised as regular people (because that isn’t obvious?????).  SHIELD agents are already on their tails, but they plug the flash drive into a computer at the apple store and see that there is a signal coming from Wheaton, New Jersey.

Also, Secretary Pierce ends up talking to the Winter Soldier so clearly he is in on it.

Steve goes to Sam’s house since it is close and everyone else is after him. Sam decides to use his military project named Falcon to help. The three capture a man who they call Sitwell, after he says “Hail HYDRA” to another guy, and they force him into talking. He tells them that Zola (from the first Captain America) created something to locate certain people around the world who basically could have one bad thing about them.

Just then, the Winter Soldier jumps on their car and pulls out Sitwell. They battle. Steve manages to pull off the Winter Soldier’s mask revealing him to be Bucky Barnes (OMG) who “died” in the first Captain America and now has a metal arm and long gorgeous hair. Completely stunned, Steve, Nat and Sam are all taken into custody. In the prison van, one of the guards makes the other go unconscious. It turns out to be Agent Maria Hill in disguise. She takes them to a secret facility where it turns out that Fury is alive. 

The World Security Council comes with pierce and they receive pins that will give them access to the building. Steve and Sam break into headquarters and announce over the loudspeakers that Pierce is working for HYDRA. Rumlow releases the Helicarriers. Pierce tries to convince the WSC that this is a good thing. They end up rejecting his champagne, so Pierce points his gun at someone. Just then, one of the women fights all of the other HYDRA guards in the room before taking the gun from Pierce. The woman takes off the disguise and it ends up being Natasha. Fury shows up and uses his dead eye to override Project Insight. Fury ends up killing Pierce. There is a big fight with the Winter Soldier on the Helicarriers. Luckily, the targets go offline, and the three Helicarriers fall, one of them with Steve and Bucky inside. It seems as if Bucky is starting to remember his old life. 

In the mid credits scene, a man who we know as Baron Strucker and his followers are performing experiments with many weapons including Loki’s scepter. He shows a HYDRA agent “the twins” whose names we learn are Pietro and Wanda Maximoff (Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizbeth Olsen). Pietro has superspeed and Wanda has telekinesis and mind control. 

The post credit scene shows Bucky walking through the Captain America exhibit and he sees the display of himself.

I absolutely loved this movie, it is definitely in my top five.