Ryan Longstreth

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Yes, pineapple belongs on pizza.

Paige McGuire, Reporter

Pineapple does belong on pizza. Even though pineapple is a fruit, so are tomatoes which go into making the pizza sauce. Pineapples are sweet with a hint of sour, but there are a ton of savory sweet combinations that people adore like chicken and waffles. Even the dough of the pizza has sweet notes sometimes. Though when it comes to this people turn their nose up and, a lot of the time, not give it...

No, pineapple does not belong on pizza

Ryan Longstreth, Reporter

A few weeks ago, I got into a debate with a friend of mine. The particular debate question was as follows: does pineapple belong on pizza? Pineapple does not belong on pizza. Pineapple is a fruit. This gives it a sweet taste, and the citric acid it contains makes the pizza slightly sour. There are so many other good combinations that can be made with pineapple.  One example is coconut. Pineappl...

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