Boys’ basketball looks to improve season


Addisen McDonald

The boys prepare to take on State College.

 The boys’ basketball team started their season in early December, 2022 in non conference games. But they have started to play in the conference. Their season did start a little rough. But led by Ashton Neely they have been on a win streak. 

“The seasons going alright. We’re 4-8  though, but we’re trying to improve on a team effort,” Neely said.

Recently the team has been on a win streak since they played Carlisle on Jan. 6. Following that they played Harrisburg and Chambersburg and won. But they still feel like they could continue to improve. 

“Defense, rebounding and stop throwing turnovers. That’s what we need to improve on,” Neely said.     

Now being on the win streak they have gotten their pregame actions down.

“Watch film, scout the best player on the team and scout their other players. That way when we get to the game we know what to do against them,” Neely said. 

Last year the team was 4-19 overall and ended the season eighth in their conference. 

“I feel like we’re going to have more wins than last year. And the team is very different this year than last year. We have more size and more height than we did last year,” Neely said.