Changes made with secretarial staff


In the past months, two new secretaries have been hired and two have moved to new positions.

Athletic office secretary Kris Hallinan says that coming back to the athletic office was like coming back home.

“Prior to working as Mr. Neely’s secretary for four years, I worked in the athletic office for three years part-time and four years full-time,” Hallinan said. “I only had to familiarize myself with any procedural changes that had taken place since that time. I enjoy working with the office staff, coaches and athletes.”

According to Hallinan, sometimes change is good. 

“We have the right people in the right positions to get the work done,” Hallinan said. For some of us, we have been training our replacements and starting new jobs at the same time. I’m starting to notice that everyone is becoming comfortable in their positions.”

Secretary Carla Gill spends half of her day in the attendance office and the other half in the athletic office. 

“I spend my mornings in the attendance office recording all of AAHS student tardies as well as some other functions of the attendance office,” Gill said. “After my lunch break, I report to the athletic office to assist with all the many tasks and duties that keep the athletic department running smoothly. I enjoy the change in the day from one office to the next. It keeps me busy and always thinking.”

Gill took on the position in early November. 

“From my understanding, this position has been split between the two offices for some time now, so there really was no change as it has been the same since I began,” Gill said. 

Renee Calvert is a new secretary for Assistant Principal Vince Nedimyer. 

I have had to learn new duties and develop a new routine for my day,” Calvert said. “I came from the special education office and had been there for five years.” 

According to Calvert, the changes in the secretarial staff have been positive. 

“I am enjoying learning new skills and meeting all of the students and teachers,” Calvert said. 

Secretary Jaleesa Jackson has various duties to complete for Principal Andrew Neely.

“I assist with teacher coverage, scholarships, graduation, payroll, ordering supplies etc,” Jackson said.

Jackson applied for the position on the school’s website in the middle of December, 2022. 

“I decided to switch career paths and wanted to join the school district I graduated from. Mr. Neely’s previous secretary decided to return to the athletic office, and the position became available,” Jackson said. “I will be with the school for three months on March 15.” 

Athletic director Phil Riccio runs the athletic office.  

“My role is to oversee and run the athletic department for the Altoona Area School District grades seven through 12,” Riccio said. 

Riccio works alongside his two secreataries in the athletic office. 

“You have to remember how large our department is with all of the sports that we go through at the high school and junior high. Altoona athletics has a ripple effect, and it affects so many different things that go on within our school district whether it is transportation, sports teams, individuals, fans and spectators as well as facilities,” Riccio said. “It’s a lot of work and these young ladies have been an outstanding help to get us in the right direction and as well as the addition of Dan McAllister as our new manager in training.”