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InTune [10]

May 4, 2023

W  elcome back to another episode of InTune!

For this week, I will discuss my top five songs that are gut-wrenchingly sad. 

I love a good, happy-go-lucky song and an upbeat masterpiece, but sometimes it’s just better to have a sad playlist. If you don’t have a sad playlist, these are some songs I would recommend to add:


“TV” – Billie Eilish 

I hate Billie. I hate her personality and how she behaves, but her music is incomparable. She has a voice that absolutely reels you in and traps you in whatever song she’s singing. This song is extra enticing. It’s a gorgeous song as a whole, and she sings one of the most unrelatable, yet relatable stories ever. It’s obviously from the standpoint of a star, which personally, I’m not famous but tells the story of heartbreak and issues. While I despise her, this song can absolutely get tears flowing because it’s just so depressing sounding. 


“Romantic Homicide” – d4vd

I might’ve mentioned this song before. With good reasons. D4vd has beautiful songs all around, and this isn’t the only song he’s known for, but it is his most popular. This is probably one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard because it tears your heart apart and reminds you of heartbreak. Personally, this song reminds me of one of the worst memories I have with a person, and it’s not hard to associate it with someone. The song’s lyrics consist of: “I don’t mean to be complacent with the decisions you made-but why?” and “-I’m sick of waiting patiently for someone that won’t even arrive,” If those aren’t two lyrics that are bound to put you in a bad mood, I don’t know what else would. An honorable mention of another d4vd song (but won’t be elaborating on) is “WORTHLESS.”


“Wash.” – Bon Iver

This is one of those songs that absolutely blew up, but the whole song never got appreciated. Of course, the part that is most famous is great, but the intro alone is beautiful. This is the type of song that can give chills from the second you recognize it. By the time a minute passes of this song, it doesn’t even seem like the minute has passed. It’s a very fast moving song, so if you don’t love a slow song and want to keep it moving, this song is perfect. Being 100 percent honest, I can’t even tell what he’s singing about or what he’s saying in general, but it’s just such a depressing song you get pulled in by the background music and melodies. 


“milk cassette x.mp3” – analog_mannequin

The title and artist’s name are bonkers, let’s start with that. This is the title of the song on Spotify, I’m not sure what it is on any other platform or if that’s even the genuine name. This song is good if lyrics aren’t someone’s favorite. Honestly, this song could be taken as either creepy or somber. There’s not much about this song. It’s the type of song that just makes someone feel empty or desolation. Just put the song on and it starts putting its dejectful effect on you. 


“Dear April” – Frank Ocean

Frank makes relatable songs, I’ve said it before. But, this song is so different. If anyone has experienced heartbreak before, this is the song to just break your heart all over again. If you really listen to the lyrics, it’s obvious how heartbreaking this song could actually be. It’s such a fearful but hopeful song consisting of twisted emotions and uncertainty to come. The song is about the unknown future with a relationship, which can truly stab you in the heart if at the wrong time. 


That’s all for this episode of InTune! Give these songs a listen, but keep a box of tissues nearby.

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