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A welcome back to the school year with new tunes!
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Welcome back to the first volume of In Tune (Two)! 

Over the summer, I tried extremely hard to add new songs to my song vocabulary. Of course, there were quite a few that I found. With as much time as we had from one school year to the next, I was bound to find something. 

For this volume of In Tune (Two), I’ll be going through my top five favorite songs over the summer and the vibes they gave. 


  1. “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM” – Beyoncé ft. Kendrick Lamar

Not only is the dance to this song extremely fun and amusing, but it’s made with one of the best “Renaissance” album songs. The song alone was good but when Kendrick added his feature, it added a whole new level of complexity to the song. I feel like this song is super overplayed, but I don’t care. This is the song to play when doing absolutely anything. It’s essentially a storytelling song and I usually hate those, but Bey transformed it into something with more grit and interest. 


  1. “drive ME crazy!” – Lil Yachty 

I have a history with Lil Yachty. Not seriously, but I’ve listened to his music since 2016/2017. I’ve not liked any songs as much as I like this song. This is the song to get you grooving at your desk and bopping your head. I can’t lie, Lil Yachty sounds a little rough outside of rapping. This song isn’t rap at all and he has a raspy, deep voice that  doesn’t match well with the upbeat synth backtrack. While it sounds awkward at times, it does not falter my love for this song.


  1. “Werqin Girl” – Shangela Laquifa 

I am an absolute fool for “Dance Moms.” In season two, episode 20, Nia did a solo to this song. When I was looking for songs, found this, and realized it was used on “Dance Moms”⸺ I lost my mind. I would be a liar if I said I didn’t listen to this during the whole month of August. It is hilarious, musically genius and strong. There is no missing a beat with this song and leaves you feeling like going on a stage and voguing. 


  1. “Yllw” – Bakar

“Yllw” by Bakar is an extremely short song that might be one of the most depressing songs published by mankind. In reality, it’s about happiness and optimism. I find that songs with the most depressing backing track, involve lyrics with happiness. While Bakar refers to Yellow as optimism, he sings about how “Yellow flows like the Nile – Yellow flows like the bile from our stomachs — Hello, Yellow, will you stay? At least for a day?” This song sounds extremely relaxing; it would’ve been zen had Bakar not been singing over top of the backtrack. Bakar also has a gorgeous voice that almost lulls you. 


  1. “Sweet Dreams” – Beyoncé

I originally had this song planned as my solo for dance, but unfortunately couldn’t do it. I still am obsessed with this song and think it is one of Beyoncé’s best songs. I am a complete sucker for old throwback songs, and Beyoncé is someone who has been serving since 2003. Everything about this song is immaculate. I don’t even know how to describe it, which is humorous, seeing as I’m genuinely in love with this song. I’m not a huge Bey fan and I only listen to a few songs, but this song alone would make me buy “Renaissance” tour tickets. 


That’s all for this week! Come back soon for the next volume! 

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