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Welcome back to another issue of InTune Two! This week is going to be super random and a little switch up from the usual.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most remarkable. So, beginning with Pharrell Williams and his truly innovative producer tag. Pharrell is most commonly known for his songs made for the “Despicable Me” movies. But, on top of that, he has singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer and fashion designer under his belt. The tag is the same four-count start, which was unintentional and wasn’t his plan for a producer tag. So, for a happy accident to become one of the most elite and well-known producer tags is insane. 

Other than Pharrell, there are rappers with producer tags who are more well known, but I just don’t care enough about them, and they’re not nearly as innovative as Pharrell’s. 

Speaking of Pharrell, I’ve found quite a few new favorite songs ranging from Missy Elliott to Frank Ocean. Purely because of Pharrell’s producer tag. 

So starting with the review:
So starting with the review:

“Work It” – Missy Elliott

This song is so goofy to me, for genuinely no reason at all. The intro is one of the most annoying intros because I’ve heard it so many times, specifically at a competition. This song is extremely popular at competitions, so it’s not some new song but is new to my playlist. This is one of the most commonly known songs from Missy, so of course, it’s good. Also, the fact Missy sang a whole phrase in reverse is insane because I can’t even imagine how hard it was to figure it out, then to sing it faster. Missy honestly has been setting the bar for music high ever since she started producing. But, this song is just catchy and changes enough throughout the song to keep you going the whole time. Personally, I can’t stand a song that only repeats the same five lines and whatnot so to change it up enough to keep me interested is amazing for a 4-minute and 23 second long song. Overall this song is pretty good, just overplayed, so a solid 8/10.

“Stir Fry” – Migos

I must be in a flashback mood because “Stir Fry” is so old now. It’s honestly one of the only hip-hop/rap songs I believe could move throughout generations. Not that it’s some amazing, musical genius song, but purely because it’s catchy. It is repetitive, which I’m not the biggest fan of, but it honestly is more of a meme song that I like. It gives me a tad bit of nostalgia too, like I’m back in 2018 with my brother and listening to this for one of the very first times and attempting to follow along with the song. So overall, this song isn’t crazy good but it’s great for nostalgia. Overall, this song gets a 7/10. 


“BEST INTEREST” – Tyler, The Creator

I didn’t find this from Pharrel, to be honest. But, I am the biggest Tyler fan, and this is the song I can tell right off the bat what it is. This song is so crazy good. I don’t understand how Tyler can be just a musical genius and produce some of the best songs for our generation and just constantly drop great songs. Honestly, “BEST INTEREST” is super well-known, and I’ve been a big fan of it for a while. It’s generally a good song and has one of the best build-ups known to mankind. Tyler is a musical genius and this song is no exception. It also kind of has an allusion, not intentional really, to Jacksepticeye which was a childhood favorite to watch on Youtube. Overall, this song is 9/10.


“I KNOW?” – Travis Scott

Again, this song was not produced by Pharrell, but I found it from a friend. I hate Travis Scott, and I hate most rap/hip-hop songs, but “I KNOW” is actually by far one of my favorite songs of all time (more like for the month.) It is unbelievably catchy and one of the few songs where Travis actually sounds decent and not overly auto-tuned. We all can realize Travis is notorious for his awful performances, so I’m genuinely hyped to see how this song is going to turn out when he performs it. But, again I don’t really like Travis, so I’m not going to go out of my way to count down the days. This song is overall pretty good getting a 9/10 from me. 

Getting out of the review mood, I want to bring up the fact that Frank Ocean hasn’t produced a song since 2020 and an album since 2016; but I swear every week I just find a new song from him that just magically appears. It’s kind of crazy because he hasn’t even made anything but these songs just pop up randomly for me, but meanwhile the same five songs have become popular on social media. I need a petition for more Frank Ocean songs to become popular that deserve it because I’m tired of hearing Pyramids already on TikTok every two scrolls. 


And to round up the end of this blog, I would love to announce the creation of the InTune Two Spotify playlist! With each blog that comes out and with each song featured, I will be adding it to the playlist. 

InTune Two Spotify Playlist


I hope you all enjoyed this issue of InTune Two, and make sure to come back for the next issue!

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