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The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

Yahner Resigns

Ash Carini
Jace Baronner works on an assignment in geometry.

After six years of working for the district, math teacher Mari Yahner is set to resign no later than Nov. 21.

A position at Homer Center School District opened and Yahner decided to take it because it is closer to her home. 

“[It’s] less driving. My parents are aging, so I wanted to be near them to be able to help them too. They are both 95 years old,” Yahner said.

Originally when coming here, Yahner wanted to work in a larger school district. This was because she wanted to get the experience of being in a bigger city.

“It was appealing. I love the city environment so that attracted me. I’ve gotten to teach a variety of classes,” Yahner said. 

Throughout Yahner’s time here, she has seen several major changes within the school and school district.

“I got to change into the new building. It was a great experience to be in the old building and move into the new building. There have been new teachers yearly and new administration,” Yahner said. 

Yahner will now be teaching middle school and high school students. 

“It’s a smaller school. I’ve liked working in a large school. I’ll be expected to teach more classes, like currently, I teach Algebra I and Algebra II. I’ll be teaching seventh grade math, geometry and Algebra II,” Yahner said.

Yahner had taught middle school before coming to Altoona.

“I’m looking forward to junior high. When I first started teaching, I had taught at Blackman Valley for part of a year and I taught seventh through twelfth there. I think junior high kids are kind of funny. I am excited to be teaching a mix of junior high and high school kids again,” Yahner said. 

Students say they will miss having her as a teacher and seeing her in the halls.

“When she brought it up, I was honestly disappointed. Whenever I was going through a dark time she asked me if I needed to talk, and we talked all of fifth period. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Mrs. Yahner,” senior Riley Varner said.

Varner hopes they continue to have the bond they have, even though Yahner will move to a new school.  

“Our bond is very strong. I see her in the morning, and we always give fist bumps. It feels nice that I am able to have a friendship with her later on in life,” Varner said.

Some benefits come from Yahner moving schools. For instance, she will have less travel time to and from school. 

“It’ll be nicer to get home quicker at the end of the day. The school lets [students and faculty] out at 3:00 p.m., but I’ll be close to home,” Yahner said. 

Yahner has had positive experiences during her time here.  

“Participating in the pep rallies, when I would, was fun and going to the school plays was a highlight. They had fantastic plays. I loved 42nd Street and Puffs,” Yahner said.  

Yahner appreciates her time spent here. 

“I feel like it was an amazing opportunity and I experienced a lot of growth professionally since I was given the opportunity,” Yahner said. 

Students feel upset about Yahner’s decision to resign. 

“It hurts to know that she is leaving before me. I don’t even know if she’ll be going to my graduation or anything because she’ll be working at a different school,” Varner said. 

Many students enjoyed having her as a math teacher. 

“I feel sad knowing that she’s leaving. She is a great math teacher to have. I’ll miss her,” sophomore Ty’kear Davis said.

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