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Courtesy of Canva
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InTune Two [4]

Welcome back to a super late InTune! I know I haven’t been up to date with my posting, and honestly I blame the fact I haven’t found any good songs to mention on this blog. Just in luck, I’ve fixed my discography and what Spotify was recommending to me, so now I’ve been cycling through new and old music that truly is amazing. 

I find it hard to find new music, (hence the old songs mentioned) because Spotify will recycle songs and play the same 20(ish) songs on repeat in one of the worst loops of all time. I love Spotify, but I wish it would fix this, because I haven’t really found anything new in a while. I’ve gotten most of my music from my friends or going into artists’ profiles and seeing their collaborators. 

With that, here’s  five new songs I recommend to all readers:


  1. “End of Beginning” – Djo

I know this is going to sound so horrendous, but I am truly a tad upset about the fact this song got popularized from TikTok. I’ve had this song on my playlists for at least two years. I absolutely am grateful this gorgeous song has grown popular, and blowing up is amazing for Djo. What makes this even crazier is Joe Keery is Djo, which I didn’t even know. (Apparently this is not new news, I am just severely behind). This song is genuinely made so well; I’d bet good money this will probably be one of the best viral songs of 2024. 

FAVORITE LYRIC(S): “I wave goodbye to the end of beginning.” 

RATING: 4.7/5


  1. “Pyramids” – Frank Ocean

No shock that Frank Ocean has made it into yet another in tune. Contrary to a certain belief, I actually don’t get my songs from Tiktok, even though this song is popular on it. [Womp womp] I also think the WHOLE song is amazing, not just certain parts. While this song is extremely long, there is not a single part that is any lower in quality. The evolution of the backing track and Frank’s vocals are borderline divine. The first half(ish) of the song is more upbeat, fast paced, whereas the second half is slower and sounds more like a ‘typical’ Frank song. The in between is by far my favorite switch from one half of a song to another, where it blends it so well. I can never go wrong with a Frank Ocean song, and this song is one of the most elite songs he has [That’s released].

FAVORITE LYRIC(S): “Bubbles in my champagne, let it be some jazz playin’” AND “But your love ain’t free no more.” 



  1. “tell me” – Kanii, Riovaz, Nimstar

This trio is deviously good, borderline perfection. This song starts out sounding like a battle in a Super Mario song but quickly evolves into one of the most beautiful vocals a song could have. Kanii, Riovaz and Nimstarr are all amazing artists outside the collaborations they make, but together they make the most harmonious songs known to mankind. The chorus is unbelievably catchy and rhythmic which ties it all together with the largest bow on top. Honestly, this might be my favorite song of all time. It’s also not absurdly long, even though there’s three on one song (not crazy, I know, but sometimes people drag a collab out). Overall this song is one of the best songs of 2024 and will probably stay at my number one spot for a very long time. 

FAVORITE LYRIC(S): All of the final chorus!



  1. “Lilac” – Julius

If there’s a song I’ve had in my playlists forever, it would be this song. I found this song in 2018/2019 and forgot about it for a while. I started listening to it again in 2020/2021(ish), and ever since it’s been pretty consistent in my playlists. The ending isn’t my favorite, because it’s a little too repetitive and annoying. Almost like those performances when you think the singer is done, until the music randomly picks up again for a more energetic redo of the same verse. Otherwise, Julius’ voice is extremely beautiful to listen to and the lyrics have great meaning, except the repetitive ones. 

FAVORITE LYRIC(S): “Remember when we were just kids in love? Now them alley days are just memories for us.” 



  1. “Heart Racing” – Kanii, Riovaz, Nimstarr

If it wasn’t evident, I’m a huge fan of these three and their collaborations. This song has a similar dance/electronic vibe as “tell me.” This is like the little brother to “tell me” and just as good. I definitely don’t like it as much as “tell me”, but it is super good. The music video is also so fun to watch, matching the song perfectly. This song doesn’t get me as pumped as I feel it should, after all being called “heart racing”, so I’d expect it to be a super hyper song. Past these faults, this song is lyrically genius; the trio knows how to throw down a killer song. They honestly know their voices sound gorgeous together, and it shows when they overlap each other on lines. Overall, this is a good song, but definitely not my favorite.

FAVORITE LYRIC(S): “’Cause what do you see in me? She’ll never believe in tough love”

RATING: 4.6/5


Overall, nothing crazy, but these songs are essentially my ‘old reliables.’ That’s all for this edition, see you all next time! 

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    Remi DempsieMar 11, 2024 at 1:56 pm

    What songs would you suggest for a spring or summer time playlist? I’m preparing my playlist for my jogging days.