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The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

Why phones should be allowed in class

Lila Benjamin
Petition. In the past, some students have tried to create petitions to fight for their phones.

The rule on phones in this school is that students need to keep their phones in their lockers at all times unless they have a special pass. Although this rule is very strict, barely any students follow it. Students should not be on their phones while there is a lesson going on or they have work they need to get done. But during free time in class, in the hallways or at lunch, I see no reason why students can’t be on their phones.

Another big thing is safety. I know, for me at least, my parents want me to have my phone on me at all times in case of an emergency at home or in school. For example, last year when there was a call that a shooter was in the high school, parents, students and even school staff were terrified. I had my phone on me because I was having some health issues and had a pass for it. When the school went on lockdown, I texted my step dad who is a police officer, and he told me that multiple other schools got the same call, and it was not real. Although the situation was still very scary, I got outside information that helped calm me and the people around me. Without my phone, I would not have been able to get this information. If more students had their phones that day, everyone would’ve felt much safer.

The main argument for why students are not allowed to have their phones in class is that students would be on them all the time and would not be able to learn because they would be too distracted. While this is a good point, it’s not necessarily true. If students knew they would have time on their phones later, most of them would not be on it during the time they were not allowed to be. Of course there would be students who would take advantage of being able to have their phones, but if they do a write up or detention at that point it would be reasonable.

Allowing students to have their phones would bring the whole school morale up. Students would feel safer and be a lot happier. Teachers wouldn’t have to write so many students up. Overall changing this rule would make the high school experience so much better. This rule is outdated; it’s time for a change.

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