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Jocelyn Fetter

Get your Move on Teachers are starting to get moving into their new classrooms for next year. Many teachers will need to have a moving plan since the b-building will be no longer after the end of this school year.

Administrators, teachers, custodial staff prepare for move

The construction of the new school is in full swing. With the new school, teachers will have the ability to relocate to different classrooms. 

 Although teachers in the current B-building will move into the renovated A-building or into the new school, some education departments will be staying where the classrooms are now. 

With relocation comes the responsibility of moving items into the new classrooms.

Teachers along with the custodial staff are given the opportunity to begin their moving plan as the school year ends and summer begins. 

The maintenance (custodial) staff will move all of the items from the B-building during the summer along with extra help.

“During the summer the custodial staff from all of the elementary schools are going to be helping move all of the stuff from the B-building into the new school,” head maintenance and custodial staff member Doug Dibert said.

As the construction continues and teachers start their plans to move, the custodial staff faces effects with everyday maintenance. 

“It is a challenge because there are a lot of things that happen every day and there is more dirt in the school because of the constant construction happening,” Dibert said.

Once the new school opens the custodial staff will continue their same duties but with a possible added staff. 

Dibert believes the move will be ‘fast and furious’ with all the help given to the custodial staff. 

“As far as the move goes it will be as fast and furious even though there will be challenges, but it will be worth the weight of what we have gone through the last few years. I think when the students will come back next year they will be pleased to see what it looks like. Everyone will be surprised,” Dibert said.

Health and physical education teacher Megan Yingling, English teacher Megan McElwee and mathematics teacher Beth Brunnhuber are a few teachers moving to different parts of the school next year. 

Yingling and McElwee believe being organized will be essential for the moving plan. 

“I am excited because I will have more space. I think that space will help learning and my classroom organization,” McElwee said. 

“I am excited to have a fresh start because I like to be organized and with the new classroom I can be organized,” Yingling said. 

Brunnhuber does not know what will be in her new classroom next year so she believes it is challenging to figure out what to keep and take. 

Moving gives teachers the opportunity to make decisions on what they want to keep and what they throw away.

“I am keeping just my personal stuff including a picture of my son and the lessons that I created throughout my years of teaching,” Yingling said.

“I actually got to tour the new building on Friday, so I am excited because of what I saw. The rooms look really nice, and I really like my new room that has windows,” Brunnhuber said.

“Aside from my books that are on my bookshelf for readers workshop, I am keeping nothing else. I am a digital girl so all the papers that I have are on google classroom so I do not have a lot of stuff. The only piece of furniture is a cart that I have that helps me lug books around,” McElwee said.

While moving can be viewed in a positive way teachers will be leaving classrooms that they have been accustomed to for years.

According to Yingling and McElwee, they will miss unique parts of their current classrooms.

“I will miss my paper towel dispenser the most because I think this room used to be an office,” McElwee said.

“I will miss the grass green tile flooring from my current room the most after moving,” Yingling said. 

“I think it will be fine. I think it is a pain when you are in the middle of it, but when you are all moved and unpacked it does not seem as bad as it was in the beginning,” Brunnhuber said. 

Items that are not being kept from the B-building will be auctioned off for staff members, students and the community to buy. This auction will be handled just like eBay or an online auction.

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