I simply love: Exploring

I simply love exploring. I love the feeling of being free. I love the greater sense of reality. I love experiencing the picture picture moments of nature and life.

I simply love the random texts to drive around until we find somewhere new. Walking on a trail for 30 plus minutes, not knowing where it will lead us. Finally reaching the end and seeing a lake. Hearing claps of thunder in the distance. Feeling a cold raindrop hitting your cheek. Running through an open field to reach a cover of trees. Losing track of time and listening to music. Hearing the rain splash on the ground as you reminisce about being younger. Having conversations of feeling anxiety about graduating and picturing life after high school. Seeing the rain slowing down and walking back to the water. Stacking rocks and pebbles as your friends skip stones and fish. Deciding to swim in the rain. Looking into the sky and feeling at that moment you’re where you are supposed to be.

I simply love going to a familiar place with someone new. Having a picnic under the shade of trees. Cutting watermelon as two of your friends make hotdogs. Joking about your other friends messy t-shirt. Laughing for a minute straight feeling as if you might pee yourself. Setting up hammocks while your friend plays the guitar. Looking into the sky and watching birds pass by.  Playing Frisbee with your feet in the water. Driving a short distance further. Seeing tower to jump from into the water. The feeling of your gut sinking as you plunge into the icy lake. Swimming over to the shore to meet your friends. Feeling a fish swim past you and freaking out. Watching the sunset as you dry off. Dancing in the dark blasting music as you walk back to your car. Knowing that this day will stay forever in your head.

I simply love having somewhere no one knows about except you and your friends. Driving up the mountain listening to your indie playlist. Parking your car in the muddy pull off. Seeing power lines over you as you walk down the trail. Eagerly waiting for your friends to come down after climbing the towers, wishing you were brave enough to do the same. Jumping rock to rock as you head closer to the edge of the cliff. Reading and looking at all of the graffiti on the giant stones. Hearing the power lines crackle over your head. Making a fire in the small crater. Sitting back and enjoying the silence of only the sizzling fire. Looking at the moon and realizing the importance of life and how crazy it is that you’re alive.

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