School makes changes to scheduling process


Courtesy of Horseshoe Staff

Students enter the AAHS last November for the start of a hybrid school day. The students entered the school and headed to their first period classes. Now that it’s February, students make plans to return. “Scheduling will start in the coming weeks,” Rogan said.

Eli Peteuil, Guest Writer

Keeping in Covid-19 fashion, scheduling will be done online this year. Students will begin the scheduling process on Feb. 4. over Skyward. Aside from the added Skyward component, the scheduling process will be very similar to previous years. 

Guidance counselors are working  to make this process as easy for students as it can be; students will be receiving all the information they will need over an email soon. 

The scheduling process will be very similar to past years, but there will be a few differences. All students will be getting an email with directions for scheduling within the next few weeks,” guidance counselor Bridget Rogan said.  

Teachers know this year has been stressful for many students, so they are trying to keep the scheduling process as simple and relaxed as possible, as to not cause more stress.

All students will enter their schedule requests into Skyward, and they will have the opportunity to work with a counselor to answer any questions that they may have. Students who are doing the hybrid option will meet with a counselor during English class and students who are virtual or cyber will meet with their counselor via Google Meet,” Rogan said. 

Guidance counselors emails are open anytime for students to email for any questions or concerns.To help with any confusion or stress this may bring for students Rogan has created a list of tips for students to look at.