Student teachers continue in unusual circumstances

Sullivan joins art department from Penn State


Cassidy Sullivan is student teaching for Art 1, Art 2, painting and adaptive art. Sullivan graduated from Penn State.

Peyton Daniel , Guest Writer

Teaching during a global pandemic, especially teaching art, poses some challenges, yet many rewards. Student teacher Cassidy Sullivan, started her students teaching experience during virtual learning and will continue as the school returns to hybrid instruction. 

Sullivan plans to teach art to grades ninth through 12 grade.

“I always knew that art was a passion of mine, but it was not until senior year of high school that I realized I wanted to pursue becoming an Art teacher,” Sullivan said. 

This year has definitely been a challenge, and taught students as well as teachers many new things. Some could say it was a difficult beginning to the year, but Sullivan took it as a learning challenge. 

“I consider it being a highlight that I am learning to be a more creative art teacher that makes the most of limited art supplies and communication,” Sullivan said. 

Sullivan is preparing to return to a hybrid system.

“The biggest negative for me is how COVID is still not allowing classes to go fully in person. I have been trying to get to know my students, but it is hard to form the same valuable connections possible when in person teaching,” Sullivan said. “However, I am excited to get valuable hybrid experience soon!” 

Many teachers and students are excited to get back and meet again in person. The last time everyone has seen their friends was back in November, which was for about two weeks. 

“I had a great connection with my high school art teacher, and she helped me realize the impact I could have on others through this profession,” Sullivan said. “I am currently a senior at Penn State. In addition to student teaching at Altoona Area High School, I have taught a Saturday art school program through Penn State and worked with Grays Woods, Bellefonte, Hort Woods and Johnstown schools through my college experience.” 

Sullivan hopes she can help others reach their goals in art and leave with an effect on them.