Say Hello To… Malcolm & Marie

Warning: Spoilers for the film are discussed in the podcast.


Sonia Yost

Say Hello To… is a movie review podcast. Hosts Sydney Wilfong and Sonia Yost discuss new movies and are often joined by guests for their discussions.

In episode two of Say Hello To… hosts Sydney Wilfong and Sonia Yost discuss “Malcolm & Marie,” a new movie that is available for streaming on Netflix. Malcolm, played by John David Washington, is a filmmaker about to gain popularity. Marie, played by Zendaya, is his girlfriend who helped him build his career. Their relationship is tested one night when the two are almost driven to insanity by each other’s needs. The film was released in February of 2021 and is rated R for mild sex and nudity and moderate profanity. Warning: The hosts discuss spoilers of the film.

To listen to the podcast, go to: Say Hello To… Malcolm & Marie.