Say Hello To… WandaVision

Warning: Spoilers for the show are discussed in the podcast.


Sonia Yost

Say Hello To… is a movie review podcast. Hosts Sydney Wilfong and Sonia Yost discuss new movies and are often joined by guests for their discussions.

Sonia Yost and Sydney Wilfong

In episode four of Say Hello To… hosts Sydney Wilfong and Sonia Yost and guest Caden McMaster discuss “WandaVision,” a new television series that is available for streaming on Disney+. The shows depicts the idealized life of Marvel characters Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, and Vision, played by Paul Bettany. However, not everything is at it seems to be in the picture perfect town of Westview. The show first aired on Jan. 15 and the final episode aired on March 5.  Rated TV-PG, the shows is suitable for most children, though some parental guidance is suggested. Warning: The hosts and guest discuss spoilers of the show. To listen to the podcast, go to: Say Hello To… WandaVision