One way hallways cause frustration

Signs direct students as to which direction is allowed.

Leiya Resig

Signs direct students as to which direction is allowed.

Leiya Resig, Guest Reporter

Are you ever so close to your classroom, to where you can see it, and a teacher stops you and says you are going the wrong way? Well that happened to me before.  I was so close to my classroom, and I heard someone say “sorry you can’t go this way!” I had to immediately turn around and go the whole way around the hall just to get to the class that was right there. I ended up being late, but luckily my teacher didn’t mind.

Now we’re done talking about my story, and we need to talk about the reason why one way hallways shouldn’t be a thing. One. The hallways are wide. People going opposite ways can be on either side of the hallway. There is enough room for a two way hallway! Two. Getting to class on time. In my experience, I was very lucky to have a nice teacher, but other teachers are more strict. They might write you up or enforce some sort of other discipline. Three. What if someone had to get something out of their locker, and they had just enough time to get there, and then to their next class. But if the one way hallway was where they needed to go, they would be late.

Some kids don’t even listen to the one way hallway rules. If they need to go that way, then they go that way. They don’t care about anything else. That’s how it should be. Putting these one way hallways up isn’t doing anything besides making students get annoyed at teachers who try and enforce the rules. Now I know the teachers are doing their job, and it’s not their rule, but they just have to follow it. 

Overall one way hallways are not a good idea, and I don’t understand what they do to prevent Covid. Instead of one way hallways make a line in between the hall, and make them go opposite ways. I feel that would be a way better idea.