Local bands perform


Courtesy of Brayden Adams

Live Performance Brayden Adams and Noah Keller perform with their band.

Maddie Cowfer, Reporter

For some high school students with a love for music, starting a band just made sense. Some students who are interested in playing their music start or join a band. 

Students who are part of a  band not only can make friends but find a new hobby they enjoy. 

“I’m a guitarist in a classic rock band that meets once or twice a week to practice together,” senior Kenton Lewis said. 

Some students who join a band join for their shared interest in music and musicians. 

“My band is called Sweet Desire, and we got our name from an ELO song and ‘Sweet Desire’ is one of their lyrics,” Lewis said. 

There are all different ways for students to join or find people interred in starting their band. 

“My band has been together for a little over a year. And our drummer, since first grade, and we met our singer at a Def Leppard tribute concert over the summer. We approached him and then our bass player reached out to us,” Lewis said. 

Starting a band is a way for students to explore different kinds of music and try out different genres. 

“I walked up to our drummer because I noticed he was strumming with his hand along with the music, and I approached him and asked him if he played guitar. It turns out he sang, so that’s how I met him,” Lewis said. 

Being a part of a band allows students to play around and make their music and write songs. 

“I  like music and I like playing music, so I feel like writing music and performing music would be a lot of fun,” senior Brayden Adams said. 

Student bands give students a chance to meet new people who have the same interests as them.

“I met both of my band players when I was playing in another band, and we decided to start one together,” Adams said. 

Students who are in a band can earn experience playing in front of a live audience

“My band has performed in front of an audience multiple times. The last two years we played at Route 22, and it’s a festival. This summer we played at the Curve and the Arts Altoona Center a couple of times,” Adams said.

Sweet Desire Arts Altoona hosts local bands. Sweet Desire has been together for a little over a year. Arts Altoona will host another show Oct. 30. (Courtesy of Trey Boore)