Golf transforms students to gentleman

Gentlemen First, Golfers Second

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Golf transforms students to gentleman

Corey Minton, Reporter

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Golf is a sport that builds integrity and good sportsmanship.

There are no referees, so in turn golfers must mark themselves up for breaking rules and be honest on the number of strokes on each hole.

The sport has a twist of playing against the course not the team golfers are facing.  It teaches the students to behave toward their opponents with the respect and dignity they deserve and also how to accept failure.

Eric Kozak’s golf team is no different than any other golfer with following these fundamental principles.

“You must have integrity to play the game of golf the right way. I try to instill these values in my golfers and teach them that you should have integrity in all areas of your life and being on the golf course doesn’t change that,” Kozak said.

Golf is a team sport with an individual competition. Starting off it’s the golfers playing against the course itself not necessarily the team they are facing.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a bad stroke or a bad season, the golfers are taught to show good sportsmanship to the team they are facing. They are are taught to also talk politely and enjoy the competition of the sport.

The hours of work Kozak puts into training his golfers demeanor furthers their progress through high  school, and also teaches life lessons and values golfers can take away from the sport to help them achieve anything in life. The golfers not only get the benefits of the sport but also the pride and demeanor Kozak wants them to keep for life.

“What makes golf enjoyable is that it is you against the course and you have to keep things in perspective and just do your best,” Kozak said.

“I’ve been playing since I was two. The competition has kept me interested, ” senior golfer Derek McAlkich said