Differences between lockers spark debate among students


Open it up. Sophomore Leiya Resig opens her locker to get ready for the day. She opened her locker and grabbed her chrome book for first period.

Eli Peteuil, Reporter

Some students have discussed the differences between the A buildings lockers and the B buildings lockers for as long as the new building has been constructed. 

Both buildings’ lockers have pros and cons to them, most notable being the B buildings locker width and the A buildings locker length. These lockers are also very different in many visual aspects to them. Most students prefer the B buildings lockers over the A buildings. 

The A building lockers are very skinny and compact, what they lack in width, they make up for in length. They also have a lever on the inside you can pull down on and open a smaller portion above the main part of the locker for extra storage. These lockers are also incredibly close together, which in times of COVID-19 is not so good. 

Some students who have an A building locker do not enjoy it.

“I hate it. It’s too skinny, and I have to empty my back pack otherwise it won’t fit,” freshman Hudson Moudy said. “I can’t even keep a hoodie in my backpack otherwise it won’t fit in and the top locker part can only hold a few certain items.”

The B buildings lockers are far different than the A buildings. The B buildings lockers are rectangle shaped and stacked in rows of two. Students tend to prefer these lockers because they can hold more (at least they appear to) and they are more modern looking. However, there are still issues with these lockers because they are stacked in rows, students can only access one locker at a time to avoid an awkward interaction. At the end of the day, students usually have to wait for others to get their stuff and leave before they are able to get to their locker. Students also seem to prefer having the locker on top in the B building because they don’t have to bend down to open their lockers, but that is also up to personal preference. 

Both A and B building lockers have hooks inside to hang things such as hoodies and backpacks inside. The B building lockers provide a modern feel to the high school, whereas the A building lockers provide a more “movie” aesthetic / traditional high school look to the building. Both lockers do exactly what a locker is intended to do, and which every one you like more is just up to personal preferences. 

No matter the opinion on the lockers, the amount of students in the school has to be remembered. Pacing issues can occur, but I think the school was able to design the lockers to be efficient and keep the buildings looking neat and clean.