Newsies cast begin rehearsals

Cast and Crew of Newsies getting scripts and schedules

Paige McGuire

Cast and Crew of Newsies getting scripts and schedules

Paige McGuire, Guest Reporter

The Newsies cast list has been posted and rehearsals are approaching fast. Rehearsals for Newsies began Jan. 14. There the cast and crew met for the first time for the first read through and everyone received rehearsal schedules. 

Conflicts with schedules can occur and people will get sick. Until the time comes, it is not known what challenges will arise. 

“We’ve been getting the schedules and scripts ready to hand out to everyone in the cast. The rehearsal schedule takes a lot of work to accommodate everyone’s conflicts,” director Ben Cossitor said. 

Rehearsals for a production like Newsies will take a lot of time and dedication from everyone involved. There will be dance rehearsal, reading through lines and learning the songs. This not only takes time after school, this takes practice from the cast at home, and with a production like Newsies there is a lot of choreography and steps that could take a long time to learn

“The dance in this show is pretty intense. That is going to be our main focus through rehearsals- we’ve left a lot of time to teach and keep reviewing the dances,” Cositor said. 

COVID-19 restrictions are another constant worry going into rehearsals. Cases are constantly going up and restrictions are constantly changing.

COVID-19 continues to keep rearing its ugly head. I’m hoping that rehearsals will go as smoothly as they did in the fall (for A Christmas Carol), but there’s no way to be certain,” Cossitor said. 

The cast and crew will be rehearsing and preparing all the way up until April 21 – 23 when they plan on holding the performances.