The MARVELous Universe

Destiny Montgomery, Editor in Chief

I have many obsessions: sweet tea, books, “Dance Moms” and most importantly: the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As of now, there are 27 movies and five Disney+ series. Not all of the movies were released in the timeline order, so Disney+ has a feature where fans can watch the movies in the specific order. The 10th movie in the timeline order: “Guardians of the Galaxy,” was released on Aug. 1, 2014. Since “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” which was released on May 5, 2017, comes directly after in the timeline order, I’m going to include them together. Spoiler alerts ahead:

Guardians of the Galaxy

The movie starts off with young Peter Quill visiting his mom at the hospital while listening to his “Awesome Mix Tape no. 1” on his walkman that his mother gave him, who is dying of a brain tumor. She died that day that he visited her. Grieving, he runs outside and LITERALLY out of nowhere is abducted by a spaceship. Of course. 

Later on, Peter (played by Chris Pratt, the best role for this character), known as Starlord, is on Morag searching for an orb while listening to his walkman. And do I have to say, this movie has an awesome soundtrack. After getting the orb, a guy named Korath and his “henchmen”  try to take it, but Peter escapes to his ship called the Milano. 

Peter’s father figure, Yondu, who is the head of the Ravagers, calls him and demands the Orb, but Peter has other plans. Also worth mentioning, Yondu has an arrow that can fly through people just by him whistling. Korath returns to his ship which is led by Ronan the Accuser. Ronan wants the orb, so he tries to send Thanos’ daughter Nebula (played by Karen Gillan) to get the orb, but her sister Gamora (played by Zoe Saldana) volunteers. 

On Xandar, Peter takes the orb to the Broker, but he doesn’t want it. Once Peter leaves the shop, Gamora attacks and tries to get the orb. Out of nowhere, they are attacked by Rocket Raccoon (voice acted by Bradley Cooper) and Groot (I love him)(voice acted by Vin Diesel). They all end up getting arrested by the Nova Corps and sent to a prison. Everyone there wants to kill Gamora, including Drax the Destroyer (played by Dave Bautista). The group comes up with a plan to escape, and they succeed. They go to a place called Knowhere to meet a man called the Collector, who is crazy. 

Once they meet the Collector, he reveals that there is an infinity stone inside of the orb. Out of nowhere, Ronan ambushes them because Drax called him because he wants revenge because Ronan killed his family. Good reasons I guess, but Drax isn’t the smartest. Peter calls Yondu for help. It turns out that Yondu is the one who abducted Peter. 

The group makes a plan to save Xandar, since Ronan is planning on destroying it with the infinity stone. They all fight, it is a huge scene, way too much to explain. The Milano crashes and is plummeting toward them, so Groot, who is a tree, forms a nest around the group to protect them, ultimately sacrificing himself. The only thing Groot can say is “I am Groot,” but in this nest, he said “we are Groot.” Literally the cutest thing.

Ronan is still alive, though, and before Ronan makes his final move, Peter challenges him to a dance off. Confused, Ronan finds out it was all a distraction. They manage to release the infinity stone, and Peter grabs it before Ronan can. Knowing it will kill him holding it alone, the whole group holds hands causing an energy that vaporizes Ronan. Peter Gives Yondu a fake orb and turns it over to Nova headquarters, where he also finds out that he is only half-human. The Guardians fly off together, while Rocket holds a pot with a tiny Groot in it. 

The end credits show a cute baby Groot dancing, while the scene after the credits shows the collector drinking, and the camera turns to reveal Howard the Duck. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The beginning of the movie shows the Guardians fighting some huge alien monster while baby Groot is dancing. Drax kills the monster from the inside which is really nasty. They are given Nebula so they can take her back to Xandar. Randomly, drones start attacking them when another ship starts to destroy the drones. Unfortunately for the Guardians, they have to crash land on a nearby planet. 

The ship that saved them comes to the planet, stepping out is Ego (played by Kurt Russell), claiming to be Peter’s father with his assistant Mantis (played by Pom Klementieff).

The Ravagers get Rocket and Groot, since they stayed behind to fix the ship, and try to get Peter, but Yondu isn’t willing to do that. Also worth mentioning that Taserface thinks the Ravagers need a new leader and Nebula teams up with them. 

Ego explains to Peter that he sent Yondu to pick him up after his mother passed away. He then invites all of them to his planet, which is also called Ego? Makes more sense once we learn that Ego is a celestial and his consciousness is the core of the planet. Mantis and Drax get along very well, and she tries to tell him something very important but keeps getting interrupted by Gamora. 

Back on the Ravagers ship, Yondu and Rocket are kept in a cell while they use Groot for their entertainment. Yondu tries to get Groot to bring the fin for his head which controls the arrows, and after bringing a bunch of wrong items, he finally gets it and they break free. They set their ship up with flames and board a smaller one with Kraglin to go to Ego’s planet. 

Nebula comes out of nowhere trying to kill Gamora, but after they fight they make up. Ego starts to explain to Peter that he planted thousands of “seedlings” on other planets across the galaxy, impregnating women but none of the children had the powers of a Celestial, and killed them all. He also reveals that he put the tumor in his mothers head. Peter gets mad and Ego crushes his Walkman that his mother gave him. The rest of the group meets up together to defeat Ego. They all fight and Groot takes a bomb to Ego’s brain in the planets core and sets it to detonate in five minutes. The bomb goes off and Yondu flies by and grabs Peter. As they leave the atmosphere, he puts a suit on Peter to save him and Peter watches him die. 

They give Yondu a funeral and as his body goes into space, many Ravager ships arrive to pay respects. 

There are multiple end credit scenes, but a very important one is of a person named Ayesha discussing their plans to take down the guardians. She sits by a birthing pod waiting to use it against the Guardians. She calls it Adam, as in Adam Warlock.