Students continue to wear masks after mandate is lifted


Olivia McMinn

Masked up, Sophmore Isabella Graham shows off her mask. She wears her mask to protect those around her.

Olivia McMinn , Reporter

Though masks are no longer mandatory in school, certain students still feel the need to wear a mask and want to protect themselves and others by wearing one. 

These precautious students agree that they feel safer in school by wearing masks. 

“Wearing a mask in school definitely makes me feel safer because I know it protects me and those around me,” freshman Isabella Graham said. 

Graham wears a mask in order to protect those closest to her.  

“I wear a mask in school because of the environment. I wear a mask to protect those around me. My mom has asthma, so it’s very important that I don’t bring anything home to her,”  Graham said.  

Other students wear masks to protect themselves from getting sick as well as those around them. 

“It’s a mixture of both safety for my health and also social safety,” freshman Eli Rosenberry said. 

Some students’ main concerns aren’t just COVID-19 but other diseases and getting sick in general. 

“The biggest reason why I still wear a mask is to lessen the chance of spreading any illness, not just COVID-19. I’m not saying people should be forced to wear masks, but I’m not bothered by it. The chances of me getting another person sick is lower. To me, there isn’t really a reason to not wear a mask, I have gotten used to it,” sophomore Berkley Alexander said. 

Certain students have also decided to wear masks for a reason that has nothing to do with the pandemic or health. The more introverted students like the extra layer of privacy it gives them and they feel less exposed. 

“With a mask, there’s always an extra layer of privacy when it comes to interacting with other people,” Alexander said. 

Whatever the reason students wear masks, most agree that it is because of safety and the feeling of security it gives them. 

“Do I feel safe in school? Not really. The reason is health related, but it doesn’t have to do with masks. My biggest issue is that many students, when they are sick, refuse to take care of themselves or take any precautions. Why should someone who is obviously sick still come to school, spreading their disease farther and infecting others? They should go home or at least keep their distance and wear something covering their face,” Alexander said. 

Some students agree that the school isn’t exactly sanitary.  

“100 percent, the school is a germy place. I think the school does everything they can to keep it clean, it’s just there are so many people in one spot at the same time. You can’t really do too much about that,” Graham said.