Harper Lee writes classic historical fiction book


Allison Little

“To Kill A Mockingbird” has been available to the public since 1960. The movie version of this book was released in 1962.

Allison Little, Reporter

Some books in English classes may be boring, but “To Kill A Mockingbird” is an entertaining classic. The historical fiction novel covers important topics. It is an informational book that also contains an interesting plot.

The book takes place in Alabama during the 1930’s time period. There was lots of racial discrimination at this time, and Jim Crow laws were still being enforced. 

The main character, Scout, and her brother, Jem, are raised by Atticus. Atticus always preaches empathy to his children. Atticus chooses to defend a black man who was accused of a crime. Atticus tries his hardest to save his defendant, but, in the end, he dies. Scout witnesses this discrimination and tries to become a more empathetic person. 

This book was a quick and easy read but still incredibly informative and entertaining. The apparent changes in the main character make the reader reflect inwards. Also, the book accurately represents its time period so the reader can see what it was really like. 

Harper Lee also touches upon what it was like to be a child and a woman in Alabama during this time period. The book gives an unconventional perspective. I can think of very few books from this time period which are written from the perspective of a young girl. 

Harper Lee displayed many of the same qualities of Scout as a child. Lee’s last name was also Finch, just like Scouts. 

The book was fantastic, and I absolutely recommend it.