Student’s experiences with SAT’s


Peyton Daniel

Ready, Set, Study! Juniors prepare for the upcoming SAT’s by studying books, papers, etc. Many students have taken the SAT’s already, and will be taking the tests coming up.

Peyton Daniel , Reporter

As juniors begin wrapping up their year, the SAT’s also are starting to be taken into consideration for some. Some students who plan to go to a college that requires a certain SAT score have prepared or plan to prepare for these tests. Junior’s were given the opportunity to take the three in person SAT’s, or participate in one free online SAT. 

Some student’s who haven’t taken the SAT’s have been preparing for the date their test is set on. 

“I’ve been preparing for the SAT’s by looking at some SAT books and kind of getting feedback from those who have already taken it,” junior Kristina Lepore said. “I plan on taking the SAT on May 7 and obviously I’m very nervous. I feel like the test is going to be kind of like the Keystones, but a little more difficult. I want to go to college for psychology, and the college I’ve been looking at requires a higher SAT score, so I’m just hoping I do well. I’m taking the SAT twice, once in May and once in June. I’m excited knowing that this is my final obstacle of my junior year.”

Some students who took the opportunity were able to take an SAT for free online. 

“I took the online SAT, as well as the PSAT and the SAT coming up on May 7,” junior Callista Farber said. “I think the key to one of the reasons I did better than expected was that I tried not to psych myself out, and just remember everything I could. I was really proud of my score, and I tried really hard on the test.”

Some feelings begin to arise as the end of the year comes. Student’s face some feelings, thoughts, and emotions with their experiences on these SAT’s, or future tests they are signed up for. 

“When I took the PSAT in the beginning of the year, I wasn’t too worried because I knew it was just a practice for me and I still had the whole year ahead of me,” junior Kasey Reid said. “I took the first SAT that was offered around March, and my experiences weren’t too bad. There were definitely questions I was unsure of, but all I could do was use my process of elimination and choose the answer that sounded best to me. When I got my score back, I didn’t feel I did too bad on it. Considering the fact that I just went off of things I’ve been taught and have remembered, I’m definitely proud of my score. I think I’m taking the other two SAT’s as well, so that’ll give me a chance to one-up my final score.”

Students were able to find advice that they feel would be helpful for future students and their feelings towards the tests. 

“If you don’t overthink it, you’ll be okay,” junior Mason Walk said. “Obviously, it’s a big deal, but if you just go into it with the right mindset and remember everything you can, that’s all you can do. I’m glad I was able to take this test and see how much I’ve learned. I’m proud of my scores from the online tests, and I feel like I tried my very best.”