In Tune [#1]

The first post for In Tune of the school year

Lillian Roberts, Reporter

“In Tune” is a new music blog that will be released bi-weekly. It will be severely biased of some great songs I want to share with the viewers of the Mountain Echo. For the beginning of “In Tune,” I’ll tell you about my relationship with music and my taste.

Music is an everyday thing for me, I will always be listening to music. (except in school) I also love a lot of artists. I adore every genre of music [quite literally] except country. I don’t know why I despise it so much, but I just do. Some songs are okay, but if you play country music in front of me I will somehow change it and shun you from playing it ever again. My top artists I like right now are Kanye West, Steve Lacy, The Weeknd, Joji, Brent Faiyaz, Duster, Pink Pantheress, Mac DeMarco, Glass Animals, Tyler the creator, Frank Ocean, The Smiths, Conan Gray, Cuco, Childish Gambino, Nirvana, Kendrick Lamar, MF DOOM, SZA, Bruno Mars, Rhianna, Pink Floyd, Queen and Ozzy Osbourne. A lot of artists and a lot of different music, but I wasn’t lying about me liking every genre. 

Take into consideration that I’m a dancer, and I use music all the time. Also, back in third or fourth grade I played violin, so music has just always been important to my lifestyle. As I grew older, music became more important, and I could access it easier. But anyway, you may be wondering, ‘Lily, why should I even bother looking at this blog when all you’ve done is tell me about yourself?’

Telling readers more about myself is critical to this blog.

  1. I need to tell you background information so you know my bias to what I hate and love. Also, so you can start to see what music will be featured. 
  2. My music taste is my pride and joy, and two weeks I will have a song recommendation with a rating and why it’s good. This blog is simply here to show people good songs and maybe help someone find something they like. [I am extremely aware some readers will absolutely despise this blog and if it’s not for them, that’s fine, no pressure to like any songs.]

Side note, every song put into this blog will be appropriate and not explicit. 

Starting us off for the season, we have a Steve Lacy song. For my friends who know me personally, this absolutely will not be a shocker. 

“Sunshine,” by Steve Lacy (Ft. Foushee), is probably one of the most elite songs off of Steve’s new album, Gemini Rights. There are other beautiful songs on there, but “Sunshine” is extraordinary. 

Starting with lyrics, Steve sings about having a breakup but still loving his ex. The ex, Foushee, admits to not loving him as much/not being as involved as Steve. [Steve and Foushee are not actually dating nor ex’s.] Then the silly part comes in where they both still love each other and would be there for one another. The song is basically about the male being in love with his ex and persuading her to love him again by the end of the song. 

At the beginning of the song, Lacy sings, “Caught be off guard when I saw you last week – safe to say after me you peaked” followed by Foushee’s “I admit that I wasn’t lost, You’re takin’ it just as hard – Put those feelings back where they came from, Why can’t we just get along?” This starting relationship is clearly not great, but there’s hints of that love still showing. 

Then by the end, Lacy is singing, “I would do it one more time,” to then be joined with Foushee for one too many, “But I’m always gonna be where you are – I still, I still love you.”

This song is the perfect, messy love story. Just my type. 

The thing about this song is that I can listen to it whenever. If I’m sad, I focus on the lyrics. If I’m happy, I feel the beat. It’s so versatile but not at the same time; it’s perfect.

I recommend everyone listens to this song and comments what they think of it.