Childcare class moves to Penn Lincoln

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Childcare class moves to Penn Lincoln

Miranda Wertz, Reporter

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Dorothy Liller, the child care class teacher has been working with students for over thirty years. The daycare program started over 60 years ago. The program helps students gain experience and hours working with children, while also getting credits in school.

“Students that are interested in working with children in education, social work or in medical fields take child care; I and work with preschool age children. Childcare II is for the students working towards their CDA or want to have their skill in theory hours to be able to work in the state of Pennsylvania,” Liller said.

The child care class moved to Penn Lincoln this year to meet the needs of the children’s families.

“Families that used the childcare were interested in having their children attend somewhere five days a week, all day. The way it [the childcare program] was set up that couldn’t happen here in the high school. We wanted the program to continue and allow students to gain lab hours and hands on experience with the preschoolers. The closest school was Penn Lincoln so the administration made arrangements for a preschool teacher and a class to be set up at Penn Lincoln so our students could easily walk over,” Liller said.

Altoona students engage with the children by working fine motor and gross motor skills. These activities can be teaching the children how to open food, feed themselves or taking the children on weather walks.

“The class period the students work with the children determines what the student will do with the children. Some students help do pre-reading and pre-writing, science exploration, reading, helping them begin their day with singing and rhyming,” Liller said

There are no requirements to take Childcare I; however, students must take child care I to take Childcare II. Both are taught by Liller. After taking this class students can go onto Childcare III and IV. Some students even do work experience at day cares and take the Nocti to become certified in working with children. The students must accumulate 600 hours of working with children by taking these classes.