Students inducted into International Thespian Society


Courtesy of Ben Cossitor

We did it. Members of the drama club smile as they become inducted into the International Thespian Society.

On Jan. 10, 20 students of the drama club were chosen to be a part of the International Thespian Society.

“It honors the many hours of dedication and hard work students put into performing shows at AAHS and outside of school,” drama director Ben Cossitor said.” Becoming a Thespian also gives inductees access to special competitions and conferences and to apply for Thespian scholarships.”

To be inducted into the society, a student must earn 20 Thespian points.

“One point is earned for every 10 hours a student participates in a theater related activity. Theater related activities could include performing onstage, helping on a backstage crew, taking a theater class, attending theater performances and writing a critique or participating in a special theater event, competition, conference or workshop,” Cossitor said. “After students are inducted, they may continue to earn points and achieve additional honors (Honor Thespian at 60 points, National Honor Thespian at 120 points, International Honor Thespian at 180 points). They can also achieve academic distinction as a “Thespian Scholar” for achieving a high GPA.”

Secretary senior Keira Mayhue was inducted into the Thespian Society.

“I think a lot of the time theater can kind of be glossed over, so it was really nice to be able to have something that stands out to recognize those of us who devote so much of our time to it,” Mayhue said.

During the fall play, “Puffs,” Mayhue spent her time as the student director not as a cast member.

“I have been in every musical of my high school career, as well as three of our fall plays,” Mayhue said. “I’ve had people tell me that rehearsing everyday, and performing three to four nights in a row sounds awful, but I truly don’t mind putting in all of the time and work because I love it. Everybody has the place that they belong, and feel at home, and mine is a stage.”

Being inducted into the Thespian Society has changed sophomore Laura Reed, so she and others will be able to do more activities in the future with the drama club. 

“There are different opportunities later in high school for different titles in the society that could help for getting into college and more,” Reed said. 

Vice President Eric Carlheim’s time and commitment got him into the Society.

“I got inducted by working hard for specifically the drama club,” Carlheim said. “Once I reached my correct amount (20) of points after being in shows, helping out and showing the colors of the drama club, I got to be inducted for the Thespian Society.”

According to Carlheim, drama has given him the friends that have a love for the same activity.

“I wanted to get into something I enjoyed, and I could help out with since I was already an important part of drama due to me being the Vice President of the drama club already,” Carlheim said. “Getting to be a part of something others had to work hard for when I did is a great feeling.”