More art coverage needed


Amy Dean

The mountain lion in the front hall mural looks on as students work.

Dear editor,

The school newspaper barely speaks about art or things that go along with art. When looking at the school website, or the Mountain Echo as Altoona students call it, you will notice something, which is how there is barely anything about art. We have art all through our hallways and have even talked about it on MLTV. But students haven’t seen a post or article about the art or what art students are working on. There are a lot of good artists in this school yet we have not shown off any of their art. The main thing you will see on the Mountain Echo website is things about sports, music and drama. While yes these are all important and all have skill involved, teachers and classmates should also look at people who spend a lot of time drawing or even painting. A suggestion from me to the editors would be to cover more art based work like what is happening in art classes. There are a lot of students who are proud of their work yet do not get the chance to show it off. 


Hailey Otto