Clear backpacks not worth the trouble


Emily Wendle

The switch to clear backpacks was announced during the summer and began at the start of the year.

Dear editor, 

I agree with your opinion about the school’s use of clear backpacks. I agree with your thought of the intentions of the school, which is to keep students safe in school. However, they go about it in the wrong way with the use of the clear backpacks. 

For just as long as clear backpacks have been mandated, they have caused problems. For example, clear backpacks are harder to find than regular backpacks, as they are often only sold online and not in stores. They are less sturdy than regular backpacks, as the zippers break more often. The clear backpacks fit fewer things inside them, due to their often smaller size, and the material used in clear backpacks is less moldable and elastic than what is used in normal backpacks. All these factors add up to make clear backpacks worse than regular backpacks.

I agree with your thoughts on checking clear backpacks in the morning. It’s pointless for several reasons. For one, if clear backpacks are able to be seen right through, what’s the point of checking them? Checking the clear backpacks just slows everyone down in the morning when it’s not even necessary. If backpacks have to be checked regardless of whether they’re clear or not, why not just bring a regular backpack? They are always thoroughly checked every morning regardless if they’re clear or not. This adds to the pointlessness of using clear backpacks.

Students should be able to carry clear backpacks with them throughout the day. For one, clear backpacks can be seen through, preventing students from bringing anything they aren’t supposed to bring with them. It would make school more convenient. If students can take clear backpacks with the, it would make carrying school supplies a lot easier. It would allow students to not have to always stop at their lockers. This would make the lockers less crowded, and fewer people would be late to class. It would just be more convenient for students to be allowed to carry their things in a backpack. Being able to take these backpacks with us would make school more convenient for students.

Mandatory clear backpacks also make school harder for athletes as well. For one athletes have to carry their own bag for their sport, which also has to be clear. This isn’t good for athletes because almost all athletic bags are usually not clear. It would be a waste of money if the athlete already owns an athletic bag, because the clear bag would only be used for one season. Different bags might be needed for different sports as well, which gives athletes who play both winter and spring sports a hard time. 

In summary, I agree with your opinion about the school’s use of clear backpacks. They are harder to find, they are often worse quality than regular backpacks, and checking them in the morning just slows everyone down. I feel that the school should scrap the use of clear backpacks.



Lilly Barr