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The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

Study hall needed

Having a “study hall” or mental health period during school could be a big help toward all students. As a student, we have eight classes a day and having homework is too much on us and everyone should have a study hall. Some reasons why this would be beneficial are less stress, better focus and happier people.

First, it would give us time to finish homework. We have a lot to balance outside of school and homework takes up most of our time. As a student who works and plays sports, I know that having my homework done before the school day ends would be a huge help. Even students who don’t work or play sports may have to help their families or help in their houses and may not be able to do so because their grades will suffer due to not turning in homework. Having to prioritize school work over work or athletics can hurt a lot of people socially and mentally causing stress.

Next, students would be able to focus better in school. I know first hand that having to stay up late at night and not getting enough sleep makes me lose focus in school. Some nights I can’t sleep at all because I am up doing homework for eight classes. It would be beneficial for students to have that time to maybe sleep, catch up on work or just be able to relax. 

Finally students would be happier. Having time to socialize and finish all their work could lift a huge weight off of their shoulders. In school, all teachers get a “prep period” and are able to relax and catch up on what they need to get done. So why shouldn’t students get the same opportunity? In a world that you are always fighting to survive you need a break. Kids in school should get a break during their long school day.

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