Hockenos and Smearman are stylish couple


Allison Little

Sydney and Aaron are a couple. They have been dating for over a year.

Since kindergarten, sophomores Sydney Hockenos and Aaron Smearman believe they  have changed in a lot of ways. Their relationship with one other and their styles have changed a lot. Hockenos and Smearman have been dating for a little over a year, and they both agree style plays a big impact on their relationship. 

“We were always best friends growing up, and people would always be like, ‘Oh, Sydney and Aaron.’ They’d sing the little sitting in a tree song. But, I think just growing up we’ve always just been really close friends and had such good memories together. That made it really easy,” Hockenos said. 

According to Hockenos, style plays a big role in her life. When she was little, her mom always put her in cute outfits and that made her realize she cares about style. 

“I go shopping a lot, and I think about clothes a lot. I spend a lot of time picking out outfits and planning what days I should wear them to match my events that day,” Hockenos said.

 According to Smearman, he has also been interested in fashion since he was a kid. 

“It gives me a chance to wear what I think is cool and what I enjoy. It also gives me something to look forward to when I wear something I like, and something to do in terms of presenting myself how I like,” Smearman said.

Hockenos believes fashion gives them something to talk about. It’s just another shared interest they have. She feels like shared interests are always good to have with a boyfriend. Just knowing they have things in common like enjoying clothes and fashion.

“I think that I give Aaron a lot of input based on what I think helps his style out, and I always ask him how he feels about the outfits I wear when I pick them out for the week. My style has been impacted by him and what he thinks is cool,” Hockenos said.

According to Smearman, Hockeno’s criques of his fashion have helped his style grow. 

“We both really like shopping for clothes, so that’s something fun to do together. I don’t want to say hate on each other because that’s definitely not it, but it’s fun to jokingly criticize each other because we have different opinions on a lot of styles,” Hockenos said. 

Sydney claims that Aaron has worn some outfits that she did not improve of. She even has a least favorite outfit of his. 

“He wore this outfit that was a white and gray crew neck with these gray striped shorts, and I thought it was really funny,” Hockenos said. 

Hockenos and Smearman said they have different kinds of styles, and they believe their different kinds of style help improve each other’s outfits. 

“I definitely like street wear fashion more, and Sydney likes more of a preppy girly thing,” Smearman said. 

Hockenos and Smearman have gone on multiple shopping dates. They enjoy going thrifting together. 

“I think that since we’re both so interested in fashion, going shopping together. It’s just something to bond over. We both always have a great time doing it,” Hockenos said. 

Hockenos and Smearman are both optimistic about the future of their relationship and the future of their individual styles. 

“We spend so much time together just laughing and talking. He’s not just my boyfriend, he’s my best friend,” Hockenos said.