InTune [#7]

The top five artists of our time


Alli Little

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Hello! Welcome back to another episode of InTune! 

This week is a bit different. I wanted to feature the top five artists of our time that I think could stay relevant for years to come, but only the ones I like. [I am an official Taylor Swift and Harry Styles hater, and this is the only time I’ll mention them ever.] Like how people still love The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Queen and so forth even to this day. 

  1. Tyler, the Creator

Tyler is self explanatory. He is one of the most influential singer, songwriters in music to this day. Ever since he created “Yonkers” and dropped Goblin, he’s been releasing new songs with so many different stories and types of music; it’s insane. He’s won awards such as: two Grammys and a MTV moonman. Along with nine other nominations ranging from a movie to “Video of the Year” and even “Best Melodic Rap Performance”. Tyler has held a huge influence on so many people, not even music creators alone. Tyler definitely will be relevant when our grand-kids come along, deservingly so. 

  1. Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is one of those people that creates some of the most resplendent songs in music history. I don’t know a singular person that hates Frank. Almost everyone knows one of his songs. Most commonly known are “Chanel,” “Thinkin Bout You,” “Ivy” and “Pink + White”. Recently, it even came out that Brad Pitt listens to Frank Ocean to help him cope with his divorce. That’s crazy. That’s when you know someone is truly an influence and one to stay. 

  1. The Weeknd

Right now, the Weeknd is one of the most famous, most popular and favorite artists. He’s most known for his melancholic and extreme songs that are filled to the brim with darker ideas and lyrics. He makes iconic characters for each song and album. They have their own interesting story that never fails to amaze me and other people. Not to forget, he’s also an actor. He’s an extremely talented man with an amazing voice. He deserves to stay well known in the years to come. 

  1. Kanye West

Kanye West is an awful human being, I’m sure we all know this by now. I do not support or condone any of the actions Kanye has made nor do I think that they’re excusable. But, following that, there is no way he will never die out. His old music is so good and hard to avoid. On the other hand, his new music is pretty mediocre. But, even with him being extremely problematic, he has really good old songs that people still listen to, despite him being an awful person. Even though he is bad, there’s people who still support him, so there’s no way he’ll die out; he’ll be remembered for being problematic. 

  1. Rihanna 

Rihanna has never once died out. Other artists have their fluctuating periods, but Rihanna has yet to ever slip out of popularity. Every time she gets to be quiet, she comes out with something so utterly random, like her makeup brand and the Super Bowl performance. Rihanna is timeless. She started out with “Pon de Replay” that was released in 2005 and has her most recent “Lift Me Up”. Rihanna has such a strong stage presence where it lasts in your mind for so long. Rihanna is definitely someone that is a lingering artist that will live in our mind rent free. 

That’s all for this week! Come back for the next InTune!