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The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

What makes the Amazing Digital Circus amazing?

Avarie Shawley

The Amazing Digital Circus is a 3D animated show on YouTube. The pilot episode was released on Oct. 13, 2023 to the channel GLITCH. The episode duration is 25 minutes. The pilot episode sets up what the show will be about.

The episode revolves around the main character, Pomni, as she first arrives at the digital circus. The characters get into the digital circus by putting on a Virtual Reality headset and becoming trapped there. There, Pomni gets to meet the main characters, Caine, Ragatha, Jax, Gangle, Zooble, Kinger and Bubble.

The episode starts with Caine and Bubble introducing the characters aside from Pomni. Pomni then appears in the circus for the first time. As Pomni struggles to believe what she is witnessing, Caine gives her a tour of the circus. Caine gives them a mission to “Gather the Gloinks,” which promptly takes Zooble away.

Jax, Ragatha and Pomni leave Gangle and Kinger to do the challenge while they go to meet another character. Upon seeing the other character, it is shown that he is in a corrupted form causing Jax to run away. The corrupted character, which we learn to be called an abstracted character, hits Ragatha, causing her to glitch out. The abstracted character chases Pomni for some time. Jax meets up with Gangle and Kinger, who meet the Gloink Queen and find Zooble. They try to save them, but cannot do so. Pomni finds an exit door and runs through a series of rooms, becoming manic as she does. She eventually ends up in the void and does not talk for the rest of the episode.

The abstracted character falls through the floor onto the Gloink Queen, which allows Jax, Kinger and Gangle to rescue Zooble. Caine is seen talking with Bubble before he suddenly appears in the void and takes Pomni back to the circus. Everyone besides Ragatha can be seen. Caine brings the abstracted character into “the basement,” and heals Ragatha when she enters the room. The episode ends with Pomni clearly losing her grip and everyone else having a feast.

Though this episode was only released recently, it has more than 100 million views on YouTube and a devoted fanbase. The show became wildly popular the day it was released causing mass confusion. The show amassed 10 million views within the first week of its release and has many full-scale comics, cosplays and merch themed around the show. Many people have been confused as to how it has become so incredibly popular while only having a pilot episode. Fans are eager for a new episode, but as confirmed by the creator GooseWorx in a recent interview on the indie animation event, GlitchX, new episodes will not be coming out for about another year. Due to not having the funding yet, the show can not continue. Through, with the show’s official merch being sold and distributed, they are quickly gaining funding. The show just needs approval and then production will be able to start.

I have a lot of opinions on the show and the characters themselves. I love Caine’s creative design. Since he’s supposed to be an AI, it makes sense that he would make himself look disturbing to humans, and yet he has no idea. Though Bubble only has a small part in the pilot, I absolutely love them. They’re genuinely so funny to me, and I love that they look like a Chain Chomp from Mario. Jax is such a silly character and definitely one of my favorites. The voice actors all fit the characters so well, especially the voice actors for Pomni and Jax. The only reason I even originally watched the show was because I knew Micheal Kovach, Jax’s voice actor, was in it. Micheal Kovach’s voice really makes sense for him, and I think his voice fits the character perfectly. The character itself is oddly cruel to everyone, but in a way that’s comedic enough for me to enjoy it. He did a fantastic job with the voice, and he fits the character perfectly. I’m not familiar with Pomni’s voice actress, but she did an amazing job. She perfectly encapsulates Pomni’s fear and panic in her voice, and a lot can be known about the character just because of how she speaks. I don’t think anyone else could have voiced her as well.

I love all the music in this show. It feels so creative and it just fits so well.

Pomni’s constant state of crisis makes her such an interesting character. The creators of the show even make jokes about her mental instability in memes that they make.

I love Gangle. She’s honestly so relatable to me. Her comedy mask constantly breaking seems like it will be explored more in the full show. I’m so excited to see her character fully explored. She’s just adorable and she means so much to me.

The idea of characters losing their minds and becoming “abstracted” is so interesting. I hope this will be explored more, and I’m really curious as to how it works exactly. I’m curious as to how often the characters will be leaving the tent in the full show. I really want to see more than just the tent itself. I also love the design of the circus itself. It’s so complex, but it just looks so nice. It reminds me of games I would play as a kid, which really does add to the whole “digital” feel. The whole show looks so pretty. It’s such amazing animation. Everything about the show looks so great to me. I love everything about how it looks. I’ve spent a while just admiring the backgrounds in each scene, and they all are so complicated and perfect. Everything could have a meaning, or none of it could, and I love that too.

The show is so good-looking for not being professionally produced or animated. The animators did such a great job with the show, and the voice actors did an amazing job.

I also love how the show has many different languages it can be set in, and the effort is nice, but I have one problem with it. The dubs in the other languages are incorrect. I was watching the show in German with a friend of mine whose first language is German, and she told me that it is so hard to understand. They switch between saying things informally to formally, and at one point during it, the one character spoke Russian somehow. The dubs for the show are the only thing bringing it down because they make it hard to watch for anyone whose first language isn’t English. I truly hope that the creators of the show fix this before the full show releases, because I want everyone to be able to fully experience the show for what it is. I have no problems with the show besides this, and this seems to be the case for many other fans. My hope is that the creators will listen to feedback and improve the dubs next time.

The show deserves all the support that it has, and I believe it will end up being a good show once it is fully released. I believe that the show deserves a watch from anyone willing to try something new. The show itself is so creative. The characters are all 3-D but still do things that only 2-D cartoon characters could do. All the characters are so expressive and interesting, and there is something for everyone in this show.

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My name is Avarie Shawley. This is my first year on Mountain Echo staff. I've been writing stories since I was young, and it's one of my favorite things to do. I also like listening to music, watching movies and spending time with my friends.

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