Tagteam. Senior Mia Noel and physics teacher Jeremy Rupeka have been Turkey Bowl halftime partners for two years in a row.
Tagteam. Senior Mia Noel and physics teacher Jeremy Rupeka have been Turkey Bowl halftime partners for two years in a row.
Cassidy Klock

Lioneers to perform at Turkey Bowl halftime show

On Wed, Nov. 22, the annual Turkey Bowl hosted by Deidra Dumm will take place. In the middle of the competition, the Lioneers will be holding a halftime show. Last year, the Lioneers were asked to perform a halftime show, including the teachers based off of a TikTok. This year, they were asked back again. 

‘“We had to find a dance that would be fun. For the teachers and my Lioneers to perform in front of the student body that would really pump everyone up for that halftime of the football game,” coach Julie Schmoke said. “It’s just fun to see all the teachers working together with students and performing to make it a great environment.”

Teachers of all subjects are participating in the halftime show. Some teachers like Megan Yingling have a year of experience under their belts, while some are first-timers like Julia Buggey. 

“This is my second year joining the Lioneers, and I am very excited to join the girls on the field.  It’s fun to be out of my element and to see others out of theirs as well,“ Yingling said.

“I’m very much looking forward to being a part of this with the girls for the first time. It’s especially fun for me since I have most of these girls in my dance class,” Buggey said.

The dance has changed from last year. In the year before, the Lioneers made their own eight-count dances. This year, Schmoke saw a video of a longer dance and decided it would be better to have everyone as a whole. The Lioneers enjoy doing this newfound tradition. 

“I’m excited to dance with the teachers. It’s such a funny experience to see teachers out of their element of just teaching. I did this last year too, and I had Mrs. Flick. I chose Mrs. Hogan this year because I knew she would have fun and bring up the energy. Mrs. Hogan is known for her extreme school spirit and commitment when she has to do something. Last year, she even made a t-shirt that said ‘Honorary Lioneer’, which is super funny,“ Kali Hockenberry said. 

“My favorite aspect of the halftime show is how excited the teachers are to be a part of it. I chose Mr. Rupeka because I knew he would love to participate. He is very involved in school spirit and he was my partner last year. I do enjoy this little tradition we’ve created because it gives the teachers a chance to be involved and it’s something fun for everyone,” Mia Noel said. 

Freshman picked their favorite teachers to make their first-time experience even better. 

“This experience is super fun. I chose Mr. Wynn for my first year because I have him in class and think he’s funny. I hope we continue next year and keep the tradition going because it honestly is one of the funniest things I’ve done for Lioneers yet,” Mia Phillips said. 

Senior captain Jaynie Estlow enjoys the enthusiasm the teachers have.  

“I would say that I do enjoy doing the Turkey Bowl halftime performance because it’s a fun and easy activity to get more involved with the school. It’s also nice to give the Lioneers more recognition being that people have referenced our halftime performance last year, showing that it was memorable and fun,” Estlow said. “My favorite aspect of the Turkey Bowl halftime performance is that we get to include our teachers and show how hard we work, along with a change of scenery for the games. It’s fun to support our school and cheer on our school members with our teachers.”

Teachers like joining to show their school spirit and to get out of their comfort zones. This year, 30 teachers are involved in the halftime show; ranging from English teachers to computer science teachers. 

“I accepted the offer to be in the halftime show again because the Lioneers are awesome,“ Jeremy Rupeka said. “It’s enjoyable because I get out of my comfort zone a little bit and goof off a little bit too. I’m feeling ‘don’t mess up’, ‘what’s my next step’, ‘what are Lily and Mia doing next to me’?” 

Some teachers are iffy on returning for varying reasons.

“Good question on why I return. Sometimes I regret accepting the offer, mostly because [sophomore] Ella [Beecham] asked me and I don’t like to disappoint students,“ Thomas Palfey said. “It’s all in good fun; I feel it helps show some school spirit.

“We’ll see [if I return again] because my dance partner for the last two years is graduating, so I have to find a new partner, if someone asks me, then probably yes,” Rupeka said

Teachers participating in the Turkey Bowl halftime show

Kali Hockenberry with Mrs. Hogan

Mia Noel with Mr. Rupeka

Lillian Roberts with Mr. Marasco

Jaynie Estlow with Mrs. Yingling

Olivia Confer with Mrs. Palfey

Leiya Resig with Ms. Buggey

Alyssa Chestney with Mrs. Skebeck

Mykynzee Milchak with Mrs. Tippet-Wertz

Allison Kifer with Mr. Bennet & Mr. Detwiler

Sydney Hockenos with Mrs. Trimmer

Teagan Fanelli with Mrs. Kline

Mia Curfman with Mrs. Dixon

Rylie Keagy with Mrs. Vanish

Izzie Johnson with Mrs. Sipes

Annabella Fanelli with Mr. Picciotti

Savana Coho with Mrs. Gardner

Cevin Dively with Ms. Fasolo

Hannah Owulade with Mr. Adams

Alexis Milliron with Mrs. Detwiler

Ella Beecham with Mrs. Palfey

Marlette Hott with Ms. Musselman

Emma Bartley with Ms. Brandt

Natalie Duffy with Mrs. Leone

Mia Phillips with Mr. Wynn

Gabrielle Harlow with Mr. Seese

Mackenzie Lego with Mrs. Fickes

Lainey Yoder with Mr. Corman

Emma Lang with Mrs. McAleer

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