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The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

The joy of creation: Why people make things

Lincoln Frank
The Joy of Creation. The love for creating drives many humans around the world. Aspiring art students at AAHS

There is a basic tendency toward creation in the vast fabric of the human experience. Making things has always been a fundamental part of human civilization, as evidenced by the earliest cave paintings and the tall skyscrapers of contemporary cities. But why do people find such deep joy in creating, and what motivates this intrinsic desire to create?

The fundamental source of the joy of creation is a deeply rooted sense of fulfillment and agency. People who create, whether in the form of music, art, literature, or handicrafts, give something of themselves to the world. A strong bond between the creator and their creation can be fostered by this sense of ownership and contribution, which can be immensely empowering.

In addition, making things allows people to express themselves in meaningful and unique ways. Whether it’s through painting a picture or using poetry to express feelings, creation is a way to reflect on and express oneself. In a world full of noise and distractions, making provides a safe space for people to explore their deepest emotions and thoughts. The process itself is what gives creation its joy, though this may be the most crucial factor.

Taking raw materials and turning them into something fresh and significant has an innately fulfilling quality. Whatever the sound—the soft hum of a potter’s wheel or the rhythmic clack of a typewriter—activates our senses and brings us completely into the present.

Moreover, the process of creating frequently promotes a feeling of connection and community. The act of creating has the ability to unite people and heal divisions, whether one is working with others on a creative project or presenting one’s work to an audience. The delight of creation acts as a potent reminder of our common humanity in a world that can frequently feel fractured and divided.

Moreover, throughout history, human advancement and inventiveness have been closely linked to the act of creation. The urge to create has propelled humanity forward, influencing the world we live in today with innovations like the wheel and ground-breaking technologies. The act of making, whether through scientific breakthrough or creative ingenuity, has the capacity to spur change and expand the realm of the possible.

Examining the joy of creation requires taking into account how creativity promotes resilience and personal development. Making things demands people to face uncertainty and overcome obstacles, which builds resilience in the face of difficulty. Furthermore, the sense of success that results from conquering challenges and realizing an original idea can boost self-esteem and confidence.

To sum up, the delight of creation is a complex phenomenon that greatly enhances our lives. The act of creating things is fundamental to the human experience, from the fulfillment of seeing an idea through to the sense of community it cultivates.

Let us not lose sight of the immense joy that arises from inventing something fresh and significant as we continue to negotiate the complexity of the contemporary world. By doing this, we can unleash the creative potential of people and create a better future for future generations.



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Lincoln Frank
Lincoln Frank, Reporter
This is my second year on the newswriting staff. I mostly write opinion columbs on topics that I find important. This year, I plan to start a podcast with a friend on staff. After high shcool, I plan on majoring in marketing and eventually working in a marketing position.

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