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The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

Biggest loser competition benefits students, faculty

Cider Ayala (made with Canva)

From March 11 to May 17, staff members in groups of four go against one another in a competition to lose the most percentage of weight. The competition has struck worry among some people, particularly on the promotion of unhealthy eating habits. However, the friendly contest proves itself as a healthy way to not only encourage teachers to reach their goals, but also helps promote positive connections between weight loss and fun for students as well. 

Having the competition as a social event is ultimately what helps it prosper. Faculty members are grouped with their peers, adding reason to socialize and interact. By incorporating groups, there’s more of an incentive for people to form a bond with one another. This in turn creates stronger friendships between faculty members. By having these strong relationships, the stress of the challenge to lose weight dwindles into a less strenuous concern and more of a fun goal. Additionally, stronger relationships help benefit the classroom as well. A stronger bond between faculty members means a smoother-running school, high morale and meaningful interactions. Because of the socializing that comes with the competition, faculty members can build important relationships and utilize this contest to reach their goals. 

By making the competition fun, faculty can make their weight loss journey a bit more lively and easy. One of the biggest issues with weight loss is the motivation to eat a balanced diet and work out. These are both harder tasks of the overall goal, causing people to struggle and give up. By molding their weight loss journey into a fun competition with peers, faculty can enjoy their efforts more than despise them. People get motivated by the idea of joining others in activities such as working out, especially if a person wants to prove themselves to others. They are also able to share meal recipes, tips and stories of their own efforts with others, only adding to the desire to continue. 

The biggest loser competition acts as a great way to inspire students as well. It shows them important life lessons and the value of incorporating fun into their daily lives. The contest going on between faculty members spreads around a certain outlook on weight loss, depending on how the faculty members express their tactics and feelings. If a member of the contest talks about their experience in a positive way, students pick up on how weight loss has the possibility of being a fun activity. This can lead them to start their own journey with their health. 

Although some people view this competition as unhealthy, due to the pressure and insecurity it might cause, they fail to realize that all faculty members participating signed up for the competition beforehand. All members chose to join in and paid to participate. Even with the original purpose of fundraising failing, the faculty decided to keep going with the events. Their continuation shows that all participating parties want to get involved, regardless of the reason behind the competition. While the contest can seem problematic at first, there’s ultimately no harm. 

The Biggest Loser competition acts as a way to positively affect both faculty members and the student body.

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