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The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

The Student News Site of Altoona Area High School

Mountain Echo

People who judge will never win

Lila Benjamin
Alone. Students may face issues such as cliques – especially in a broad environment such as lunch.

People in the world who judge other people all the time for no reason when that person isn’t doing anything wrong need to stop. Before people judge or bully another person, they should think how they would feel if they were the ones being bullied.  

I walk through the halls and hear things people say to other people that shouldn’t be said. People in high school are getting made fun of because people don’t like something about them. When these people decide to laugh or judge someone, they don’t even know them personally or what’s going on in their home life. Most of the time the kids getting bullied don’t say anything about it, but they know it’s going on. The most innocent people are getting judged for no reason. For example, an autistic senior said hi to these two girls, they ignored him then walked away laughing, talking about him being autistic, how he shouldn’t be in the school and how embarrassing he is. When I walk by someone and they don’t smell the best, the next thing I hear is someone telling that person they smell or giving looks at their friends. I don’t think that’s right because they don’t choose to smell the way they do. No one should talk bad about a person they’ve never met before and judge them based on how they look. Those types of comments can ruin someone’s day or lead to things way worse than just a bad day. The other day I watched this boy say a comment to this other boy about what he was wearing, just because he didn’t have brand clothes on or fancy shoes on. Today I was walking with my three friends, and we looked over and these girls were fighting about who was going to stand on the left side while walking because of a kid that was walking on that side. They didn’t even try to hide it they made it very clear that they were judging him

People not only get bullied in school but also outside of school. For example, I was in the dollar store and there was an autistic boy there with his mom. The boy was very upset about something and these two boys were messing around in the store. They started laughing at him because he was crying. They then got their phones out of their bags and started recording them. Judging people and bullying people needs to come to an end; there’s no reason that if you aren’t perfect you’re getting something said about you whether it’s a joke or not.

In conclusion, people who judge/bully others are doing no good for their own life. Bullying in and out of school shouldn’t be allowed. It has affected so many people in our society and it shouldn’t continue to happen. I believe that it’s time for kids in high school to grow up and know that it’s so immature. I think it’s time.

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