Senior tennis players bid farewell


Scorekeeper at Penn State Altoona tennis courts

Corey Minton, Reporter

The boys’ varsity tennis team finished their regular season with a record of 13-1. With the tennis season at an end, there are five senior players who will be graduating.

“We have some great seniors who are leaving. Casey and Jonah have been starters for a long time, Tyler, Shim and Brad in his first year have been such great roles models to the younger kids on the team,” Coach Eric Hovan said.

It is not just the coaches who appreciate everything the seniors have done. The junior varsity had plenty to say to their graduating seniors.

“Since the seniors are the top people and they are leaving because the season is over, there will be a lot of gaps to fill if we want to stay consistent with how we were this year ending our season 13-1. Also some of them with their personal attitudes were kind and supportive and this will hopefully give a good example for the kids to follow, even the ones under us,” sophomore Chris Perez said.

With a winning season and trending videos on the tennis team Twitter, it has been a very productive year for the tennis team.

“The seniors have really set a standard not only on how to be on the the court, but also off the court because they are all great guys who have a ton of work not only in the team but also in the community. Tyler Robinson raised money with his senior project, Casey worked with the miracle league and soup kitchens, Jonah working with the ark of Blair County. They are just great guys all around, not just athletically but as individuals as well,” Hoover said.

The seniors thought very highly of their underclassmen and fellow teammates.

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“I see nothing but good things to come in the future, every single one of their futures are gleaming and bright. Every single one of them is in their niche when they have a racket in their hands, and I couldn’t have been more proud to be called a leader to them.”

— Senior Casey Rispoli