Fall Mountain Echo contest questions

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#1 According to Zak Hick’s “New faces appear in hallways” story, how many new teachers were there this year?

#2  In Mckenzie Quirin’s story “Maniacs sell bracelets as tribute to memory of security greeter Chuck Amerine” what was the slogan on the bracelet?

#3 Who wrote the editorial “Construction process requires patience, adaptation”?

#4  In Sydney Wilfong’s “Girls’ soccer: we’re like family” story, how many seasons has Winterburn mentored?

#5 In the news brief “Students gain pieceof history to study,” what is being put in the Neil Armstrong Space Race Museum?

#6  In Connor George’s “Fall Play scheduled for Nov. 1, 2” how much does it say a student ticket would cost?

#7 In Jocelyn Fetter’s “Out of the darkness walk” story where does it say the walk took place?

#8  In Kamika Helsel’s “Central PA graduation” story, what does it say the percentage is of students who fail to graduate?

#9 What is the name of the bridal company advertising on the homepage?

#10  In Zak Hick’s brief, how many bags does it say are needed to make a bench?