Library to open by 2020


Kamika Helsel

The library is set to open for students by the beginning of 2020. The librarians have been working hard to organize the books and prepare the library for opening

Mountain Echo

Sonia Yost, Reporter

The newly renovated library is projected to open for students by the beginning of 2020. The renovations started in 2019, but librarian Tanya Lucas has been preparing for renovations every year that she’s been the librarian. 

“My library helper, Mrs. Joyce started helping to weed out the books the very first year when I became the librarian. Every year we continue to weed out materials that are in poor condition, insufficient or are not circulating,” Lucas said. 

The library has been completely renovated to include reading spaces, creative rooms, and new furniture. One room, called “The Space,” can be used for colleges to lead work, a creative space for students to make posters and projects or as a group study room for students. Lucas also plans on holding “Mindful Meditation” each morning before school.

“It was a total renovation. We lost some square footage but we gained efficiency. Students will probably enjoy the fact that it looks like Barnes & Noble. I think the meditation would be good for students to ground themselves and calm down before the school day,” Lucas said. 

Students can visit the library for more than just books. 

“We have way more than just books to offer. This year I want to experiment with VR. There are databases that allow students to create 3D molecules and dissection simulations. The materials we have are of high quality and interest,” Lucas said.